Monster Energy Men’s Snowboard SuperPipe: FULL COMPETITION | X Games Aspen 2022 -

Monster Energy Men’s Snowboard SuperPipe: FULL COMPETITION | X Games Aspen 2022

X Games
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Watch the commercial and spoiler-free, full competition of Monster Energy Men’s Snowboard SuperPipe competition at X Games Aspen 2022!

How medal event is judged:
1 heat of 8 athletes in a 30-minute jam session. Best run counts, ranked 1-8. Judges will rank competitors throughout the contest.

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  1. James and Ayumu are just in a different league when it comes to this stuff, nonetheless everyone here is an insane athlete

  2. How did no one give at least a high five to these hot monster chicks? 😕

  3. Next year Ayumu is gonna slay with that tripple congrats to James though

  4. Run1
    4:50 – Kaishu Hirano
    6:20 – Toby Miller
    8:00 – Josh Bowman
    9:19 – Ryan Wachendorfer
    10:25 – Lucas Foster
    11:45 – Chase Blackwell
    12:36 – Joey Okesson
    13:43 – Valentino Guseli
    15:18 – Ayumu Hirano
    17:37 – Scotty James

    Run 2
    19:55 – Kaishu Hirano
    21:22 – Toby Miller
    22:51 – Josh Bowman
    24:22 – Ryan Wachendorfer
    25:35 – Lucas Foster
    26:52 – Chase Blackwell
    27:43 – Joey Okesson
    28:31 – Valentino Guseli
    29:36 – Ayumu Hirano
    31:00 – Scotty James

    Run 3
    34:16 – Kaishu Hirano
    35:24 – Toby Miller
    36:32 – Josh Bowman
    37:21 – Ryan Wachendorfer
    38:42 – Lucas Foster
    39:32 – Chase Blackwell
    40:22 – Joey Okesson
    41:17 – Valentino Guseli
    42:44 – Ayumu Hirano
    44:35 – Scotty James

    Run 4
    47:06 – Kaishu Hirano
    48:22 – Toby Miller
    49:32 – Josh Bowman
    50:30 – Ryan Wachendorfer
    51:17 – Lucas Foster
    52:20 – Chase Blackwell
    53:05 – Joey Okesson
    53:58 – Valentino Guseli
    55:32 – Ayumu Hirano
    57:26 – Scotty James

  5. X Games, for the love of snow sports why put Adverts in the middle of runs ?? before and after no worries but not in the middle!!!

  6. Hirano must have been tired of being on the podium so he invited his brother to join him each year.

  7. They need to advertise that they are showing this on Youtube. In Norway now they don't even show it on the television. First time since… whenever. They could have had millions of live viewers if they did their job. Now they have 21k on this video a day after competition. Shocking

  8. Awesome performances and production. One thing I thought was weird was hearing the Technical Director in the last 5-10 minutes very quietly in the background. Maybe double check to make sure her mic isn't live to broadcast or the show recording as you could hear her speaking to the crew and then counting to features at the very end. LOL

  9. Grandes todos los riders !! a la organización solo decir, que no deberían de subir las motos en un momento de máxima concentración, el ruido de las motos podría desconcentrar a los riders y esto podría ser peligroso!!

  10. They spelled Joey Okesson's hometown of' Southbury, CT incorrectly. They had "Southberry". As someone from Neu Yorke city I know the town and its pretty big in Connecticut. Fail.

  11. thank you for putting those full competitions on youtube it's so cool to watch , btw anyone know why they removed the /100 scoring ?

  12. Can't believe how many people are saying Ayumu should have won, that's crazy talk.

    Here's why: Ayumu is doing trick combinations that he, Shaun White and now Yuto Totsuka have been doing since 2018. FS 1440 into cab 1440 is old news, and judges take note of the fact that Ayumu didn't throw any switch backside tricks at all.

    Scotty James did switch BS 1260, a trick that literally only he can do, into cab 1440, a trick only a handful of people can do. That trick combination has never been landed in a full competition run before, so Scotty absolutely deserves to win, what he did tonight was historic and unprecedented.

    If Ayumu landed his final run, then we're in a different conversation.

  13. What is up with the women standing at the bottom? It's like a relic of the 70s to have women standing around just to be objects and eye candy.

  14. These athletes and competitors are just on a different level, wow 🤟

  15. Why do they keep saying this ad free and then we have
    streaming ads?

  16. Ayumu could get a perfect score with the trip then the two 14s and 12s

  17. The best part of this event is when riders fall or sketch out and they start to have fun and do slashes and handplants

  18. Ayumu won compare them however you want but going 14,14 back to back is still the hardest thing anyone has ever done in a pipe, should’ve won him the gold at the Olympics 2…

  19. It was really fascinating being able to hear the production near the end. These guys put in a TON of work to make events like these run smoothly.

  20. Scotty put down the best glory run of all time….
    Still think Aiumu was a bit more tech and went bigger tho

  21. Scotty is a beast in the pipe, such a sick flow!!!

  22. 3本目で金とれんとかどんだけ期待のハードル高いんよ…

  23. This was the second year in a row where Shaun white got invited and didn’t go to x games… smh 🤦‍♂️

  24. Ayumu deserved the win, unfortunately silver is all he gets

  25. now imagine all dis in da winter olympics this year.

    good times incoming.

  26. Obviously, Scotty James is a beast and he put the best run he could.
    But let's be real – Ayumu went bigger, higher, and stomped harder tricks.
    I agree Scotty had more style to his tricks but for me the winner is Ayumu.

  27. Boot grab and touches on landing perfect 100 lol so someone else do the same run get a perfect run also

  28. Dman I remember watching these on TV and being so hyped .

  29. 49:10? Do Pipe riders use smelling salts? Sure looked like thats what Bowman did before his last run. 😳

  30. Ayumu is going to own this discipline for years to come. He’s different. Watch out Scotty

  31. I like how it look like cool warm up runs till Ayumu hit the pipe😂

  32. Why are the judges so biased to the most famous riders?

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