Monster Energy Men’s Snowboard SuperPipe: HIGHLIGHTS | X Games Aspen 2022 -

Monster Energy Men’s Snowboard SuperPipe: HIGHLIGHTS | X Games Aspen 2022

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Watch the spoiler-free, recap highlights of Monster Energy Men’s Snowboard SuperPipe competition at X Games Aspen 2022!

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  1. They should have put light towers Behind the Lights extending at least another 100 feet so that when they're doing their tricks and stunts you can see what they're doing while floating in there……. because when they get airborne all you see is black in the background and it's hard to see what they're actually doing and it'll be able to give the background scenery color to see the snowboarder better. It would have given much more better camera sight to work with, instead of them flying into the air and disappearing then coming back down for the landing. I'm sure they had enough money knowing it's a top notch company taking care of budget cost. Looks like the spend a lot to began with, why not just make it grand by adding some more light

  2. Under impressed – woke boarding is pretty lame.

  3. I really wanted one of them to slice and spray snow up at the monster girls at the bottom .

  4. 6:27 Thay vì tặng anh một đóa hồng không héo, để em gửi anh một mối tình không phai.

  5. Whats the deal with the 4 women at the end waiting for the athlete doing nothing? Is this obvious objectification? Or have I missed something?

  6. Flying tomato will be ready for the Olympics!! USA!!!

  7. scoring will forever not make sense at xgames events

  8. Hirano should've won that even with that scrub at the bottom into a 540.

  9. Tht was a 16 year old Australian 🇦🇺

  10. Why arent all full competition streams available in certain contrys? I cant watch the knucklehuck stream

  11. This is just s teaser for whats to come next month 🔥🔥 SO EXCITED

  12. Way to bring the excitement announcers 😐

  13. Девчонки на пресс волле кислые стоят, потому что зубы замёрзли столько улыбаться.

  14. The fact that the triple isn't in this video even tho the whole run wasn't landed is ridiculous

  15. Announcers need to bring more energy. Really brings down these unreal runs.

  16. The riders should be adviced to use lighter clothing. Some of them are like invisible black blobs in the night sky. Can't really see their tricks 😢

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