Monster Energy Moto X Best Trick: FULL BROADCAST | X Games Minneapolis 2019 -

Monster Energy Moto X Best Trick: FULL BROADCAST | X Games Minneapolis 2019

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Watch the FULL BROADCAST of the entire Monster Energy Moto X Best Trick event that just went down LIVE at X Games Minneapolis 2019.


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  1. the place is empty!!!!! lots of empty seats!!!!!! guess no one up in minni likes moto x LOL

  2. I guess we have to call it the malachi flip now

  3. french riders have a lot of things to show. just sad for tom pages (injured)… FR:-P

  4. How do they not just hand their phone number to the models? Lol

  5. I’m not sure what’s worse, the guys behind the camera or everyone with a microphone. X games sure seems to have gone downhill in the last couple years.

  6. Backflip body varial? That is straight video game status. My mind is totally blown!

  7. Die zwei Mädels im Hintergrund sind am besten 😜

  8. I am inclined to say the Monster girls were more entertaining than the riders.. Empty stadium? Well to no surprise, it's the same thing year after year and the best seat really is the couch in your living room.

  9. Thank you X Games and ESPN for uploading these! I appreciate it so much! I’ve been Binge watching 💯💯💯💯

  10. sempake bagus rung di ganti
    sempake barengan karo andi
    ra pere pere

  11. what will these guys have to do in the coming years to be new and exciting!!?

  12. Xgames Please érase this: nitro circus hahaha

  13. je crois fermement que jésus Christ va changé mon histoire

  14. j'ai la foi que jésus Christ va changé mon histoire.

  15. je ne doute pas que jésus Christ va changé mon histoire

  16. j'ai la certitude que jésus va changé mon histoire.

  17. j'ai une ferme assurance que jésus va changé mon histoire.

  18. je prophétise que jésus Christ va changé mon histoire.

  19. je déclare que jésus Christ va changé mon histoire.

  20. Hats off to every rider out there! So much progression! So much passion to even attempt these stunts! Just awesome! Thanks to everone involved!

  21. How do you spell it.. Malakai ? Molakai ? Best trick ever ?

  22. The first guy does a Heart Attack Back flip and the commentator – 'Eh.. Hes still kind of a rookie' Where this sport has come. Wow.

  23. The best thing in the video was that white sweater. Wow

  24. wow,,,,,,,,,,,,, a heap of nothing with a few tricks thrown in….
    and long gone are the days of Crusty Demons of Dirt and Metal Mulisha style riders doing this for the shits and giggles,,,,,, these days I'm finding it hard to call these riders men

  25. The breaks are probably the reason the stands are always so empty, it just kills the momentum each run produces. You guys should fix the scheduling of your event. do round one moto, then round one bmx; build the electricity in the building and let all the athletes push each other.

  26. Rinaldo trick is madness but in another comp Duffy nearly landing a Front Flip Captain Morgan is by far the coolest, pose trick out there bar none.

  27. Insane, All crazy wonderful guys! Could not be more insane!

  28. 4:50 what you're about to witness is the most sickest trick I've ever seen… wow

  29. This generation has gone to the toilet.
    Fortnite championship: the whole stadium crowded
    Xgames: not so much

  30. Is Brian Deegan part of the commentary? Sounds like him, but I can't google to find the answer.

  31. It’s really sad to see the stadium basically empty in an event as badass and incredible as this, they need to hire a new market team to draw in more fans to this, because it never used to be this dead. I see FMX and motocross as a sport dying if this continues.

  32. tang ina Nman dami Namn competition break👎👎👎

  33. tang ina Nman dami Namn competition break👎👎👎

  34. One day some day.
    The Ferris Wheel oh yeah.
    As the bike spins around the rider goes around the bike like I said some day.

  35. Respect to all the riders Mothers I DOUBT THEY WATCH THIS …….

  36. David et Tom qui donnent des leçons de fmx aux ricains et autres mangeurs de kangourous !
    Bravo les gars vous représentez au top
    France über alles forever !

  37. I remember watching live seeing Travis Pastrana hitting the double back flip. It was mind blowing. Now, it's less of a deal. Insane progression in MX. Where do they go from here?

  38. Remember when Kyle Loza threw body varials and won for years in a row?

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