Monster Energy Moto X Best Trick: FULL BROADCAST | X Games Norway 2019 -

Monster Energy Moto X Best Trick: FULL BROADCAST | X Games Norway 2019

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Watch the REPLAY of the Monster Energy Moto X Best Trick finals at X Games Norway 2019.


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  1. is so sad to see such a amazing event with almost anyone watching it at the contest

  2. I Wana see fmx,best whip and quarter pipe done on 3wheelers.

  3. "Packed house here in Norway"
    Most seats are empty lol

  4. Só as máquinas e também só os loucos do guidão ao viivoooo!!!

  5. Still waiting for more people to add spins to this comp. Give me 360's and variant fronnies with rotation!

  6. Elvisdossantosoliveiragmail. Com Oliveira says:

    Br usado vendo esses videos da hors

  7. I haven't watched xgames best trick since 2007, and I remember this guy who was the second person to try and make the double back flip and he just CRASHED. And everyone ooohhhhh. And now it's nothing. Amazing.

  8. Wait, a double backflip no-hand is less point than a double backflip ?
    Dafuk ?

    Did you take the judges from an elementary school or ?

    And flips are easy, stop putting 9x points for that.

  9. Travis pastrana did it for me Moto ain't been the same since

  10. So one rider does a double backflip at the beginning and gets a 95.00. A few runs later another guy does a double backflip no hander and gets a 93.33? Makes perfect sense!

  11. for anyone wondering, E.T.'s 2nd run trick @ 16:32 was a Saran Wrap to MADDOCOPTER to No Hander Lander. we need to see more tricks like that in best trick. its not about the biggest most recent trick, its about how deep your trick bag goes and how far you're reaching into it. we need more riders like Edgar!

  12. Edgar had the most stylish tricks, in my opinion. Clinton's second trick was gnarly as fuh, though. He had hella style on it, too.

    Feels kinda crazy saying that when a dude did a no handed double backflip along side of em. If you think about it, that's pretty insane, too. Same with the no handed front flip.

  13. SOM ITERNO DE QUALIDADE 4VIAS sergipe says:

    Aí sim e que é esporte kkķkkk

  14. Well Norway must be trash. 10 people in the stands, and no one even making a noise for these guys. Pathetic, maybe skip Norway next year boys and put on a show in America for some people that appreciate you instead.

  15. Based on their votes, judges pretty much said if you are not doing a front flip, you are not winning. If you are not doing a back flip at the very least, don't even bother competing. I think other ticks are much more entertaining than mundane flips.

  16. Being in freestyle has to be so scary these days, these tricks are insane.

  17. I want to see the electric death again or maybe electric death in a backflip

  18. Flips are so overrated. So dumb they aint even cool…. Now throw body varial and it would be alright…

  19. Front flip no hander, front flip no hander, double back no hander… Why are judges still scoring these tricks so high?

  20. Sheehan and alderberg the one trick ponies – still getting 95’s – makes me sick. Much rather watch Hodges doing whips

  21. Best 360 I’ve ever seen AND the cleanest Bundy Air I’ve ever seen (also I think only the second person to ever land it), AND BOTH TRICKS DONT EVEN PODIUM!? Oh mannn.. I’m not surprised best trick is dying when the judges refuse to score on style and focus only on flip evolution… the even more ridiculous part is that the flips HAVENT evolved and they’re still scoring the highest 5 to 6 years later? laaaaaaame

    Edit: looks at the kids faces after the tricks!! They’re falling asleep watching the stiff front flips but going insane when the body varials are thrown.. that says something right there

  22. Who remembers Chuck Carothers Corolla roll??? How come no one attempts that? That trick was groundbreaking and it has to get brought back into these competitions to keep it interesting imo.

  23. Its amazing to watch and cool I just love it 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  24. Тухловатая заруба…. зрители не особо активные и комментатор зануда…
    А ребята молодцы!

  25. That was the best 360 I've seen since Travis did this

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