Monster Energy Moto X Freestyle: HIGHLIGHTS | X Games 2022 -

Monster Energy Moto X Freestyle: HIGHLIGHTS | X Games 2022

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Watch the spoiler-free, recap highlights of Monster Energy Moto X Freestyle at X Games 2022!

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  1. 💕 I really love the sport of freestyle motocross FMX is the number one best sport on gods planet earth

  2. Where are the w o m e n, in this wonderful competition ? Are they in a feminist protest ?

  3. Good job guys people dont understand the real talent that it takes to flip a beast screaming under there jahonas

  4. One of the best sports on the planet. I absolutely love it.

  5. I love how 20 years ago, the back-flip was THE move to win.
    Now it's not even guaranteed bronze if you do multiple back-flip variations and/or double back-flips..
    This sport is now a real life video game.

  6. Why did the live cut short and now they not replaying the whole competition

  7. I’m a track rider, I’m in the 450 class but the most I can do is a side whip I can’t do no backflips 😂. My family says I’m crazy like no look at this foo doing all these type of jumps and tricks.

  8. To look how far this sport has come, it gets gnarlier and gnarlier

  9. Disappointed but not taking anything away from competitors. Everyone did good and had solid runs. Since X Games began doing these crowd less shows for dirtbike events and not showing full event it just isn't as entertaining as it use to be. For the most part it just feels a bit rushed and watching the same tricks being done repeatedly gets a little stale. Not a fan of the drone being used but thats just me. I may have not liked it but ood job to each rider.

  10. I hope freestyle motocross is the next action sport to join the Olympics. Subdivisions for skateboarding and BMX like halfpipe and dirt are inevitable in the coming years, but we need freestyle motocross to join next.

  11. Yall the competition design is amazing. Back to back hits in most of the competitions and then keep it going is where the future of xgames is. you cant go much bigger on big air so now lets link multiple big air runs! Such stoke.

  12. Ruining Xgames with forcing your viewers to pay for espn+ especially when we can just wait 30 seconds after an event is over and see it all on Instagram. Stream it for free through YouTube for all of us to enjoy or keep dropping viewership numbers year after year

  13. The double front line was mad sketch idk how he won

  14. Don’t get me wrong Axells property is badass but watching this just makes me miss the Collesium and Staples and how the X-Games was back in the 2000’s. Big stadiums big crowds and the energy was just different

  15. A run of straight front flips with hardly any variety gets gold? WHERE IS TOM PAGES?!?!

  16. I remember when doing a backflip was a big deal.

  17. 20 years ago the announcer would’ve been so full of excitement and today they are so Mundane about the tricks being done

  18. I feel asif freestyle MX has platoed as far as tricks go, I feel asif trail riding like Axel Does is the best thing in Freestyle now

  19. I didn't even realize freestyle "mx" was a thing any longer. Kind of like the X Games in general…had it's time, now it's pretty much dead.

  20. why are they not back at event centers with crowds?

  21. Are these golf commentators? Way to make something exciting boring asf

  22. Not that what these guys do aren't insane… But its seems like we might be reaching the limits on the tricks.

  23. I dont much progression honestly. Just a bunch of flip tricks. Dont get me wrong shits hard but boring for me where everythings flips

  24. These announcers have zero enthusiasm kind of ruins it.

  25. is there a life flight on site ? these guys might need a heli ride to the hospital

  26. These guys are doing tricks that could only be done on the freakstyle game back in the day

  27. Jackson Strong should be 3rd and Benny Richards 4th

  28. Someone get that air horn away from that spectator!! Those should be banned from events

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