Monster Energy Skateboard MegaPark: HIGHLIGHTS | X Games 2022 -

Monster Energy Skateboard MegaPark: HIGHLIGHTS | X Games 2022

X Games
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Watch the spoiler-free, recap highlights of Monster Energy Skateboard MegaPark at X Games 2022!

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  1. The monster girls made it so awkward at the end

  2. Loving the mega park ramp this is just great Elliot on fire what a dream in his own backyard that’s life home course to his advantage indeed.

  3. I wonder if they played pro skater before they even thought this was possible

  4. is there a reason they don't do megaramp anymore?

  5. Can I buy some cameras for you guys? maybe not a potato?

  6. Eddie came to America to DOMINATE!💪🏽💪🏽
    SO glad vert is back. I hope it stays this time.

  7. Insane that you can throw a 900 and not even podium, shows how far the sport has come!

  8. Ayyyyy that gold medal run was sick! Congrats 🤘🤘

  9. Yo what’s the instrumentals names in between ?? Much appreciated

  10. That's not Mega. Way smaller than in the past. Mini-mega Park.

  11. Nice mega park💙💙😀😯😉😈😈😈

  12. lol this looks like a mini ramp contest compared to the past what is this absolute trash?

  13. Bravo mon pote!!! Super run ultra teck !!!! Largement mérité !!! Vive la France !!! hihhaaa!!!

  14. 👏👏 👏 Keep👏 this 👏 format 👏 👏 👏

  15. Who do I have to blow to see the entire contest?

  16. Je ne comprends rien à la vert j’arrive pas à savoir pourquoi tel trick est mieux qu’un autre mais c’est assez ouf à regarder quand même

  17. Elliott with that home-field advantage 👍

  18. What's the deal with the monster girls? Imagining winning gold and you want to look back on the memory and there's just some brainless chick smiling for no reason standing next to you while you accept the gold

  19. Did they replace big air with this ”kids park”?

  20. How do the other guys practice when only one contestant has a private park? Do Woodward have their own mega ramp people can practice on? Where on earth does the French man practice?

  21. i hope those women are paid well to look so foolish

  22. french …. i hope he is from canada itl give em a 50/50 chanche of surviving the world ending

  23. so satisfying to watch! always love th x games

  24. Xgames you are the biggest sellout look what it became a big joke

  25. Yaaay you did a twisty thing that looked like all the other twisty things! I wish I could do a twisty thing. 🙁

  26. This is a cool evolution of the megaramp. I like the mixup.

  27. Oui oui Monsieur un Frenchie number one ♡♡♡Bravissimo

  28. Isn't it a bit out of pace with the times to have those scantily clad women standing around as eye candy?

  29. amazing skating but do we still need podium girls in 2022?

  30. I think for every silent decorative podium lady in little tops there should at least have to be one non-male contestant or something like that. I really loved the competition part of the video but now I'm just bummed out.

  31. This new event was certainly cool. But it does not replace big air. I like quality over quantity. Would rather see some super polished tricks over the gap and then up the huge quarter pipe going as high as they can go and trying to land it versus doing a bunch of tricks in a line like mega Park

  32. 2022 and womens standing like idk what kind of sexy attempt decoration

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