Monster Energy Supercross The Game - FULL REVIEW -

Monster Energy Supercross The Game – FULL REVIEW

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PC Specs:
Motherboard: MSI Z170A Gaming Pro Carbon
CPU: Intel I7-6700k 4.0GHZ 8MB
GPU: NVIDIA ACX 2.0 GTX 980ti 6gb GDDR5 Superclock w/ dualfan
SSD: 512GB Sandisk x400
HDD: 2TB HDD 7200RPM 6.0 GB/s 64MB Cache
RAM: 16GB 8×2 GSKILL Ripjaws
Cooler: Corsair Hydro H110i GT 28-mm Liquid Cooling
PSU: RM850i 80plus Gold Fully Modular
Case: Coolmaster Stryker Phantom
OS: Windows 10

-This is a sponsored video, however all opinions on the game are genuine and unbiased.


  1. how do you whip and do the cool tricks in the air? (New player from PS Plus, don't come at me lmfao)

  2. The only decent thing about this game are the graphics. The gameplay itself is complete trash, especially the controls.

  3. You are aware after 2016 madden started doing photo scans as well so it’s not never before but they do look very familiar

  4. Hey, i heard you said you could change the difficulty on the bike. How?

  5. Just got the game free….monthly game just started playing it.

  6. I was about to buy this in the January sale on the store…. until I read the comments 😂


  7. Got it for free this month pretty fun game honestly miss these types of games from the ps2

  8. Anyone know how I’m lvl 1154 and just started playing yesterday

  9. This game is a big piece of shit no control when driving just play ATV off road fury its way better beside it being 20 plus years older thats just saying how trash this game is.

  10. Is there like a freestyle mode where you can do like flips and stuff ?

  11. Honestly who cares a flying f* if there's a super realistic face under the helmet?

  12. It looks too easy even on hard but maybe he is making it look that way.

  13. I played 1 and 2 and i gotta day.
    1 is way better then 2.
    2 is glitchy AF and just overall gameplay is frustrating on some tracks they made the physics to touchy in my opinion 120%

  14. controls are retarded shuld have left the controls like old ps3 games jump stick have to use one stick for turning and 1 for leaning while hitting the break acceleration and clutch wtf

  15. Bruh it looks like they just gave him a script to know what to say it doesn’t really look that fun ima play tho anyway just to check it out

  16. If your looking at buying this game and you enjoy riding motorbikes or enjoy the games I recommend buying this game it the best motocross game I have played 😀definitely worth buying .

  17. Monster Energy is so extreme I just wanna jump off a bridge!

  18. This game came out for PSP but I wasnt into dirtbike shit back then and now that I want it it's already happened 😭

  19. this game floats in the moon but is the easiest among the 3 this is why everyone likes it

  20. Hey im new an i was wondering whats the trick for weight shiftins

  21. Those blue triple clamps are like the exact same on my 85

  22. Sucks on the switch the frame rate is snail

  23. I got the 2nd game in the series for the XBOX ONE. It is a cool game and I did have fun playing it. The hard part is staying in the lead because every time I failed a race like if I fall off my bike for example I had to restart the entire race until I get it right and know what to do on the track when I'm racing. Plus I had to put the accelerate on the A Button and put everything else on different buttons and on auto and put everything on easy. Just to make it less complicated for me. I sure hope in this 1st game I can get it to do the same thing and all the rest of the Monster Energy Super cross games in the series.
    Also, It is fun playing motocross races in video games like this one. But someday I want to go to a real one once COVID-19 is over along with the mask phase.
    My Mom and I were talking and she and I agree that the mask phase that we are at right now in the United States is getting old and everyone is getting sick of it. Is there any news update on the COVID restrictions along with the mask phase in the United States yet or not quite yet.
    I'm sure many of you have been watching the news and know the assure.

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