Monster Factory: Fallout 4 — Episode 1 -

Monster Factory: Fallout 4 — Episode 1

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Griffin and Justin play around with Fallout 4, and incidentally create one of the most horrific creatures to ever roam the wasteland.


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  1. how has this become my comfort video? simple: pam heals

  2. maybe the real fallout is the friends we made along the way

  3. There's a ghoul in the slog that looks almost exactly like final Pam, which is weird because Pam's not a ghoul.

  4. To think this cultural reset began nearly six years ago now……….. simply unmatched in its zeitgeist-defining power

  5. I’m very disappointed that I was not allowed the pleasure of hearing our Aluminum Love say “The Final Pam”

  6. Do those 99 people know how much power they possessed

  7. have you ever heard the tragedy of darth roachy the rad?

  8. Came here from callmekevin media stream of the animated fix the baby

  9. Several years later and I'm still rewatching this fucking video!! Can someone ever match this content???

  10. 19:05
    "I see trees of green,
    red roses too~
    I see them bloom~
    for me and you~"

  11. I now use the Final Pam voice to talk to my dog.

  12. i cannot begin to explain how often i come back to watch this

  13. i can't decide if Pam or Motifa (from OneyPlays) is the stronger force

  14. I laughed so hard I thought I was gonna stop breathing and need first aid. Sweet Jeebus.

  15. So this is the final Pam I've been hearing about. Comedy gold, I laughed harder at this than at Louis CK.

  16. D-bomb is the daughter of The Final Pam, she didn't die in the beginning she just placed herself into fallout 4 after d-bomb was born.

  17. I have only heard tales! It's so weird to see it happen

  18. the whiplash i get from the outro music being megalovania is super cool, thanks

  19. Why does the Beth Esda joke sync with the NPCs lips?

  20. omg I saw the animated version of 10:50 ages ago and laughed so hard at it… never saw the actual source video until now

  21. justin's todd howard impression is suprisingly good

  22. And now Pam shall be forever immortalized within Fallout 76.

  23. They found the R'Lyeh of video game characters. Slumbering interminably, carefully sealed away by the cunning designs of Todd Howard, in their quest to create a monster, they gave an old one new form. She guided their hands from within the seal, carving an avatar to manifest her form within.

  24. I love that this ended up being the most famous monster factory series after Griffin expressed feeling immense pressure about it. way to knock it out of the park

  25. Man, I keep forgetting how muchbI miss playing Fallout 4. Being able to make so many op builds was great.

  26. Man, can you imagine the alternate timeline where Trash Hogan won that vote?

  27. 18:10 All electronics immediately stop working when in the vicinity of pam

  28. I need to see the shaun that The Final Pam would produce.

  29. How am i just seeing this, this is the funniest fucking thing 😂

  30. there's a universe where they played as the husband

  31. How can it look like E.T. and Sid from Ice Age at the same time? (2:20)

  32. God i had captions on while watching this and it absolutely kills me that they cant tell Griff and Juice apart, let me recaption this P L S

  33. This is the first piece of McElroy content I ever consumed. It was a great start, and I went on to enjoy MBMBAM, TAZ, and their short-lived TV show. I'm so glad I found them. Thanks for years of smiles, guys!

  34. 11:31 Seeing the absolute monster emerge from the halls has me thinking one thought:

    You can't convince me this isn't a horror game.

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