Monster Factory: Fallout 4 — Episode 1 -

Monster Factory: Fallout 4 — Episode 1

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Griffin and Justin play around with Fallout 4, and incidentally create one of the most horrific creatures to ever roam the wasteland.


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  1. i can't tell you how many times i rewatched this during quarantine

  2. 12:46

    "We have to reduce him to a quantum state!"
    "Do you guys just put the word "quantum" in front of everything?"

  3. Anybody else thinks that the roach sounds like Robo-fizz?

  4. “Hi I am Beth Esda, thank you for playing my game”

    “That’s a dumb joke to start the video out on, we’re under so much pressure to crush it”

    proceeds to crush it

  5. 2:11 “it has no idea how nasty things are about to get.” Neither do you, Justin, neither do you. You boys were wholly unaware of the cinematic art you were about to create.

  6. So the McElroys even did Ant-Man and the Wasp before Marvel Studios. Huh.

  7. God I wish we’d gotten a whole play through of this game with Pam

  8. They really missed the opportunity to call her Penultimate Pam.

  9. somewhere there's an alternate universe where trash hulk won the poll and idk how to feel about that

  10. Do you think Griffin ever talks to his son in The Final Pam voice?

  11. A tiktok video brought me here in 2021… dont let me down

  12. you punched so hard you deleted the data of that worldspace, physically wounding todd howard, and teleporting you to the nearest place unaffected by your time punch


  14. What happens if you put on God mode but when you get out for you the The big bomb drops what will happen

  15. i cannot handle my biology teacher talking about race at 8am, so i came to the final pam to ease the pain

  16. Back for my like 8th watch of the best series of all time

  17. Those 99 votes had no idea how much of an impact they would have on Monster Factory lore

  18. I love how roachie is technically canon now

  19. She really gives me those 'i can snap your neck without even trying' vibes.

    In other words 'dom mommy'

  20. This video shows a possible weakness for Final Pam, excluding her killall murder attack, she can only target you with her apocalypse murder power if she can see you, staying in her blind spot or perhaps some form of invisibility will allow you to get to her and use ToddSpray ™️ or some other freezing agent

  21. Thank you worthikids for introducing me to this masterpiece

  22. Justin: That's great, she looks like a human goldfish cracker.
    Me: W H E E Z E 🤣🤣

  23. Her fully blemished face looks like a spilled bottle of marinara

  24. The fallout lore we never needed but always wanted

  25. 33:10 The shot of the coffee can being used as a projectile in the sneak preview didn't make it into the 2nd or 3rd videos 🙁

  26. I'd like to imagine the Vault Tec guy pressing his ear against the door and hearing "he just keeps going down!" shortly followed by "game of the year!"

  27. Time for my monthly viewing of this masterpiece of cinema

  28. "I think Todd was trying to thwart us". Well he damn well failed then

  29. it feels like I come back to this video every year

  30. Six years and I'm still coming back to this classic.

  31. I can’t believe he figured out how to punch warp hahah

  32. at 12:50 when they reduce Trash Hulk to a quantum state, assuming Trash Hulk was initially 6 feet tall, they reduced his height to 18 nanometers. for reference, an atom is 0.1 nanometers.

    Quantum-Sized Trash Hulk is 180 atoms tall

  33. Did anyone else notice that they picked up the wrong Roachie or

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