MONSTER GAMES - VHS Closed Beta Gameplay -

MONSTER GAMES – VHS Closed Beta Gameplay

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In #VHS, you’ll choose between good and evil and fight for your life in this thrilling 4v1 asymmetric action tribute to the 80s horror era– where small town teens face off against terrifying monsters brought to life from the aisles of their local video store.

VHS combines tense #4v1 gameplay with stunning set-inspired maps, over the top weapons, and an endless array of colorful characters and costumes. No two matches are the same as power shifts unpredictably between teens and monster, ending in a dramatic fight-to-the-death climax. #VHSGAME

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  1. wait, monsters can WIN?!? here I thought it was a typical asymmetrical game.

  2. Oh hell yeah, been waiting to see you play monster!!!

  3. Waiting for kind hearted person who can actually support me from his and understand my problem …….. …….. ……

  4. This game is definitely more skill oriented, and definitely has a high skill ceiling. Looking forward to seeing people like you and Tru3talent play this game, and see what professional level gameplay looks like.

  5. Like how they release a closed beta with only 12 people playing it.

  6. can someone tell me the outro song name plz

  7. The fact that this game can go either way and it doesn't look one sided is amazing. Great job balancing the power by the devs. Hope I get a key 🤞.

  8. Was one hell of a Werwolve game at the start

  9. Hey jaee, can you post some games that you loose, but are really close games?

  10. Been seeing quite a few people saying the game is Teen sided so kinda glad you played as the monsters.. Now we've seen both sides win!

  11. holy shit Jaee, not gonna give em even a little room to breathe goddamn

  12. Dude imagine if they add a aquatic map where you can play as a giant shark or another fishmonster but fully aquatic would be cool af

  13. This game looks great, I can't play as of now unfortunately (I have a crappy computer that can't run anything) so I will wait for the game to be out on PS5, and I can't wait for this it looks so good

  14. Game looks great, hope it kicks DBD's ass, they've ran uncompeted too long

  15. game is lame. Terrible and lacking progression systems, no looping whatsoever so you just have to either hide or fight. shitty animations. game gets boring in like an hour or two

  16. Hey I'm in the video 🙂 u still stink Jae 🙂

  17. The difference between this and other "competitors" is that this actually looks fun, even compared to DBD

  18. Im so glad that bad players don't win in this game and that's what i hate about DBD, the devs catered to casuals and the survivors win by not skill but advantages and this game u need skill to win and there are no advantages to carry you to win i love it

  19. Finally, Mr. Streamer! Been binge-watching VHS gameplays and it really is a fun and exciting game to play! Also, the dodges that you did – WOW!

  20. This looks so fun i want to play the closed beta

  21. I actually recognize that sounds effect at 19:01 which is used for War of the Monsters for PS2 when a level in free play was selected.
    The rift capture noise is also Kineticlops's roar from the same game at 25:36.

  22. Makes me really want to play this game sooo bad, I can’t wait

  23. Damn Jae, hope you dont take this the wrong way, but i havent been watching ur videos since u covered DC news, but u got me really interested in this game!!

  24. I have got beta key yet
    At least I can watch your vids while I wait

  25. 11:29 when you successfully avoid your mom catching you at 3 am in the kitchen by standing still…

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