Monster House All Bosses -

Monster House All Bosses

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Monster House All Bosses & Ending

00:00 – Constance Mannequin
03:07 – Pipe
06:30 – Pipes 2
08:09 – House #1
11:37 – House #2 ( Final Boss)
16:11 – Ending

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  1. Damn they really made anything into a game back in the early 2000s

  2. Today years old when i found out monster house had a GAMEE👀

  3. I remember playing this as a kid and still get mad at the part where the girl is stuck in a vent or something. It took me three days, total, to figure it out. 😥 Other than that it was a very good game! 8/10.

  4. Two things one this game terrified me as a kid (I was like what 7 when it came out) and 2….from the P.O.V of the human body wouldn't that make all these bosses antibodies

  5. I forgot about the game a few years ago but this is one of my childhood movies

  6. Ok, i didn't that even existed a ps2 videogame based in that movie 😯😐

  7. My sister and I played this game. Well, more like she played it and I was the one who googled how to beat certain things. Good times.

  8. The Constance Mannequin fight is some shit straight out of Dark Souls

  9. So what are the pipes since the house is supposed to represent the “body”


  10. nunca supe que salio un juego de la peli XD

  11. Monster House AU fanmade-
    Pheww! We did it, and in time!
    MY POV- Ohhh boy… Uhhh.. Guys? THE HOUSE IS JUST ANSTY!!

  12. Just imagine walking down the street then you see kids running from a house with freaking tree arms

  13. New Resident Evil lookin sick

  14. Monster House (PlayStation 2 / GameCube) – All Bosses (No Damage)
    1st Boss: Constance Mannequin 0:00
    2nd Boss: Pipes 3:07
    3rd Boss: Pipes #2 6:30
    Final Boss: House 8:09
    True Final Boss: House #2 11:37
    Ending 16:11

  15. ☢️😠☢️😠☢️😠☢️😠☢️😠☢️😠☢️😠☢️😠☢️😠☢️😠☢️😠☢️😠☢️😠☢️😠☢️😠☢️😠☢️😠☢️😠☢️😠☢️😠☢️😠☢️😠☢️😠☢️😠☢️😠☢️😠☢️😠☢️😠☢️😠☢️😠☢️😠☢️😠☢️😠☢️😠☢️😠☢️😠☢️😠☢️😠☢️😠☢️😠☢️😠☢️😠☢️😠☢️😠☢️😠☢️😠☢️😠☢️😠☢️😠☢️😠☢️😠☢️😠☢️😠☢️😠

  16. The Constance Mannequin gives me Silent Hill Vibes.

  17. What is this on? I used to have the ds version

  18. No one didn't notice a mysterious house chasing 3 kids in a street in the middle of nowhere and night and destroying naborhoods

  19. The stupid one where you have to play as the orange-haired girl was horrible It doesn't tell you anything and I had to play it on GameCube so you basically have to completely guess what to do on your own other than that the game was fun and maybe the chowder boss fight was annoying

  20. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Ohhh 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  21. Oof dont is a little bit better for you to come

  22. This video game is a real classic and I believe it deserves a remake for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox one and the Nintendo switch I made an overview of it on my YouTube page.

  23. Wait is this game has bendy why the first looks like???

  24. will there not be a old movie that does not get its own game otherwise keep it coming.

  25. When the people made this game at the house#1 part how would no one hear the load crashing of the house storming through the neighborhood

  26. I had no idea that this had a video game, sweet.

  27. I loved the movie how did i not know it had a game!

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