Monster House FULL GAME Walkthrough Longplay (PS2, Gamecube) -

Monster House FULL GAME Walkthrough Longplay (PS2, Gamecube)

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In this walkthrough, I play through Monster House, all missions and objectives and will play through the full game. Played, recorded and edited by myself with HDPVR2 to make my own original walkthrough

Monster House walkthrough Longplay Full game (PS2, Gamecube) Contains all bosses, levels, cutscenes, etc
No Commentary
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  1. Is the furniture, floor boards, lamp fixtures, and television sets having individual sentience canon??

    Because im the movie, the house's structure acts as one whole entity.

    —then again, everything from the grass is alive by the house.

  2. This brings back some amazing memories of my childhood, absolutely brilliant.

  3. Never played the game before. I thought the game was scarier than the movie

  4. The entire house looks like the size of a castle inside it’s weird way bigger inside than outside

  5. Kinda of wish they played more on the “keep the house unaware you are inside” using radios and stuff to distract it and when fights do happen you always have to fake your death.

  6. I remember getting this game back when it first came out. I got up to the level when you're trying to finally leave the house, that's where I got stuck for years until I moved in with my husband. He was able to beat the game starting where I left off, without ever playing the game before. Guess all those years of playing resident evil and silent hill payed off lol

  7. Still remember playing this game as a kid and not remembering how to do anything just wondering around aimlessly


  9. Luigi's Mansion meets Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash

  10. "For such a small house it sure is easy to get separated". You clearly haven't opened your eyes the entire time

  11. This was my childhood right here. I alaways loved the movie video games

  12. This reminds me of going inside that snow mansion in Legends of Zelda Twilight Princess

  13. The mannequin level is kind of like a deleted scene from the movie.

  14. I remember playing this when I was super little. And I could get past the first part because I was too scared lol

  15. Back when movie games were just as good as the movie or even better.

  16. Always and forever will be a classic and such a great game till this day!

  17. Nostalgia flooding in like a river. Used to looooovvveee this game when we had a PS2

  18. Is it just me, or do the enemies in this game looked like Tim Burton had a hand in?

  19. akhhh I still remember this video game, I could not even finish in 3 hrs! With my siblings, turn by turn. we screamed and fought, but tbh I miss these days.

  20. Megaman megaman megaman megaman megaman says:

    Yo! I have play this game before when I was young! 😀

  21. How did you think the director got the idea of a film based on a sentinent monster house?

  22. I always wondered what was in the rest of the house and how the old dude lived in it.

  23. Outside: Regular house
    Inside: C O L O S S A L T E M P L E

  24. I had a disc of this game I played it in 2014 to 2016 my brother and I crossed it once we never got bored

  25. Monster House Cast Video Ratiganrlues Spongebob As DJ Tigger as Chowder Pinkie Pie As Jenny Scar As Nebercarcker Cassandra As Nebercarcker's Wife Sunset Simmer As Zee Thomas The Tank Engine As Skull Hexxus As Bones Nemo And Mariln as Police Officers Max As The Dog

  26. I bet when the house breathes out like that, it smells like old furniture or clogged toilet.🤢

  27. Omg i remember playing this game i loved it so much thank you

  28. The game scared me more than the movie when I was a kid lmao

  29. This is basically the supernatural kid friendly version of Resident Evil.

  30. If you notice the difference the game looks more scarier than the movie just to be honest

  31. Also how are there so many rooms in a monster house so weird but it's so amazing

  32. Shared Universe idea
    1: Coraline
    2: Monster House
    3: Nightmare Before Christmas
    4: Paranorman

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