Monster House Movie Game Walkthrough Part 1 (GameCube) -

Monster House Movie Game Walkthrough Part 1 (GameCube)

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Level 1 – Inside the House

Finally. A game that I’ve actually played before.


  1. They need to remake this game and add more weapons, monsters, secret locations, campaigns, extra stories

  2. Damn the music in the game was so scary to me as a kid. I rented it and eventually bought it.
    Gosh those times were so great. Renting things from the local video store. I miss that.

  3. DJ and Jenny’s voices are way better than the ones in the movie.

  4. This game scared the SHIT out of me oh my god the memories of that tv guy

  5. I like how the applied some of the original concept art of the movie, and into this game

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  7. I remember getting this game for christmas when I was 7, this game horrified me but I still beat the game even though I was always scared to even move lmao

  8. 2:47 DJ’s Conscience: This is the voice of your conscience, so hear me and my words now. What you have just seen sets up the theme for your adventure. Halt the residence’s frightening themes and restore peace to your living quarters.

  9. 2:48 DJ’s Conscience: You will be offered advice during your time in this house. First, you will need to know how to find your way. Follow the instructions on the screen. Try boldly venturing through that door there.

  10. 3:22 DJ’s Conscience: You can also tap the X button to open objects.

  11. 3:25 DJ’s Conscience: Ah, so you’ve found the kitchen key. Some doors will need a key such as this one to open so you can explore the areas within this residence.

  12. 3:39 DJ’s Conscience: Well done! You’ve successfully accessed the kitchen area. Tap the X button to enter and move around.

  13. 3:44 DJ’s Conscience: Well! That toaster seems to be on fire. Just the right time to practice targeting. This toaster in front of you is a target for you to practice on.

  14. 3:49 DJ’s Conscience: Whenever you witness a target such as this one, tap the X button to engage the lock.

  15. 3:50 DJ’s Conscience: Once you have done so, strafe around the toaster by moving left and right.

  16. 3:52 DJ’s Conscience: Put out the fire before it spreads. But hurry! If you don’t squirt your gun in time, you and everything will burn to a crisp.

  17. 3:55 DJ’s Conscience: Very good. But wasn’t it once a toaster?

  18. 3:58 DJ’s Conscience: The water gun you have just used on the toaster may prove useful when you are using it against any enemies or obstacles you encounter. If you should happen to empty your gun while using it, you can fill it up again by tapping the B button.

  19. 4:02 DJ’s Conscience: You seem to be getting the hang of it. DJ, you can even tap the X button to gather up anything you happen to find.

  20. 4:03 DJ’s Conscience: Hear me now because this is important. Arcade tokens will allow you to try your hand at small challenges in your local arcade center.

  21. 4:07 DJ’s Conscience: Now this is a can of soda. If you happen to take damage from an enemy or obstacle, the can of soda will help you regain health. Just walk over to it to pick it up.

  22. 4:17 DJ’s Conscience: Oh, dear. Seems as if you’ve woken the house by walking into a searchlight.

  23. 4:22 DJ’s Conscience: But I see this as the right time to challenge an enemy. Allow me to show you how to attack, not that most adults encourage their children to try it. Tapping the R button will allow you to perform a melee attack.

  24. 4:39 DJ’s Conscience: Ah, the humble Musical Jolly Chimp. During your adventure, if you collect one every time, they are your key to art in the Gallery.

  25. 4:43 DJ’s Conscience: But you will need to be careful when doing so, DJ. Look at them and stay still for a few seconds.

  26. 4:56 DJ’s Conscience: Camera films offer clips of your cinematic experiences if you collect them. I think.

  27. 5:26 DJ’s Conscience: You’ll need a key to open the bathroom door. Once you’ve spotted it, you can enter a new area.

  28. 5:27 DJ’s Conscience: Good, you’ve managed to collect the key. Now on to the restroom.

  29. 6:06 DJ’s Conscience: Now for the ducking and avoiding. Tap the L button to duck and avoid objects thrown at you.

  30. 6:20 DJ’s Conscience: Bathrooms are like bomb shelters from the Second World War. They’ll keep you safe from the many dangers you find within this house.

  31. 6:23 DJ’s Conscience: They are even used to save your progress.

  32. 6:37 DJ’s Conscience: Oh, now I know what camera film is for. You can use your camera as a weapon, too. Just tap the Y button to stun your enemies.

  33. 7:05 Jenny’s Conscience: Yo, baby. I’ll get you out of this mess. Just follow me.

  34. 7:10 Jenny’s Conscience: Nice job! You found a slingshot marble! Slingshots are what you fight bad stuff in this house with.

  35. 7:13 Jenny’s Conscience: Now for jumping! Try jumping from here to there using the X button. Good luck! You’ll want to put that into you!

  36. Apparently in this game, DJ noticeably sounds older, Chowder sounds less scared and Jenny sounds dramatic.

  37. what happened to the subtitles that used to appear on the screen did they disappear for example when the car gets in the house a title says "YYYYYYYYYYeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssss"

  38. Even tough it's for kids, it's still a really hard game

  39. This game fucked me when I was 10…twelve years later now it’s FNAF, Outlast, and a lot of Japanese horror games

  40. I’ve played Silent Hill and Amnesia, but this was the game that gave me nightmares. Don’t know why.

  41. It sucks that YouTube took down annotations, cause now I can’t read any of the funny commentary anymore. : (

  42. Damn, I thought my memories of playing this were just some sort of fever dream

  43. Well, here you have it.
    Resident Evil as a kids game, but 10 years later.

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