Monster House Movie Game Walkthrough Part 1 (GameCube) -

Monster House Movie Game Walkthrough Part 1 (GameCube)

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Level 1 – Inside the House

Finally. A game that I’ve actually played before.


  1. This game was scarier than the movie 😬😬😬 even the music is creepy 😧😧😧

  2. i never beat this game it was because of those fucking red chairs only if those fucking red chairs could go down it would have been good

  3. This game terrified me when I was 7, now I'm 16 and it still gives me an unsettling feeling….

  4. Ah yes, this game; I remember this… it was so fun, but I found it weirdly difficult… that pizza guy always looked weird in the icons.

  5. Does this mean you know where all the upgrades are?

  6. This game scared the SHIT out of me as a kid

  7. why does DJ sound like a sqeaker on call of duty

  8. I literally felt tense throughout this game.

  9. Why the hell was I scared of this when I was little….

  10. I was like 7 when I played and I always got stuck at the basement part

  11. I never finished this damn game because I was so scared of it. Fuck it im gonna download the ISO right now and finish it.

  12. Why did no one mention this game to me?

  13. Flashback to me renting this as a kid and then not getting passed the first level, so I just kept shooting the tongue and uvula

  14. You have infinite water if you just keep pumping
    Also water can destroy many things (would be reasonable if those objects are fragile af)

  15. I used to play it as a kid but I'm terrified😂

  16. These annotations are better than most live commentary.

  17. Video has a very surprising amount of views but a surprisingly low amount of comments and how many likes each has.

  18. I remember playing this when I was 11(no I was 8 wtf), that was like a year ago, now I’m 16.

    We’re all going to die one day.

  19. I found this game hard. Not to mention it scared the crap out of me.

  20. this game fucking gave me the creeps when i was 8

  21. When I played this game in the first level the chair that walked behind you when you enter that door scared the crap out of me

  22. That toy

    What kind of intresting game is this?

  23. The kids are like little parasites inside your stomach crawling around. I can see why the house did all that.

  24. I rented this from blockbuster when i was like 7

  25. When I was 10, I looked up the GameCube version of Monster House and wanted to get it for Christmas, but I got the DS version instead, because my mom couldn't find it at GameStop. Fortunately though, on my 12th birthday, I got the GameCube version, along with Over the Hedge and Ty the Tasmanian Tiger.

  26. I like the beginning of the game cutscene of the game when the house eats the cop car but it's slightly different compared to the movie

  27. Is this Monster house video game was the last game of the GameCube before Wii was release?

  28. I played this as a kid. I had no idea what I was doing..XD

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