Monster House Movie Game Walkthrough Part 1 (GameCube) -

Monster House Movie Game Walkthrough Part 1 (GameCube)

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Level 1 – Inside the House

Finally. A game that I’ve actually played before.


  1. they should remake this game for ps4 xb1 and pc

  2. to the new one more than the new York NY

  3. The moving books…


  4. this makes me want to start resident evil 4 all over again

  5. He sownds like goahan from dbz

  6. I used to have this game on ps2 but I could never beat it

  7. The house appears to be wider then it was in the movie

  8. I used to play that game
    ever since I was a little kid

  9. when i saw those text boxes..are they your talking irl while playing the game?

  10. How much brightness is on there?

  11. I remember this game I was like what 7 years old I was too much of a scaredy puss and never finished it

  12. "looks to be a painting of "some sort".

    LOL resident evil XD

  13. i played this on my moms ps2 and i remember EVERYTHING but how to get more water for your guns(i'm a doof)

  14. In the game says the picture moves, but I never seen nothing moving in the picture of Constance and Nebbercracker…

  15. What's up with DJ's voice in this game? He did NOT sound like this in the movie. LOL

  16. yo tenaia ese juego y era mi favorito y ahora no funciona y ya no lo fabrican en mi pais 😢😢😢

  17. wow, now i know how the game looked like. i didn't know how it was gonna be, because i known the movie had a game becauuusse i see it in a game store like… 5 or 6 years ago? but i didn't how it was gonna be.

  18. I was such a bitch when I was little, as soon as Jenny and chowder got sucked up in the pipe things I turned off the game traumatizing me for a week, till I started playing it again

  19. My childhood, and I didnt get scared with this game xD

  20. omg coming back to watch this gives me so many Vietnam flashbacks

  21. This was posted after my birthday in 2010 my birthday is April 21

  22. This game was so good when i was a child, the ending was the hardest part

  23. Dude this movie you set to scare the living shit out of me

  24. I got this game for my birthday as a little kid and it SCARED THE SHIT OUTTA ME! The trailer looked so cool on tv, so that's why I wanted it. I refuse to play it to this day! Lol

  25. slot 3 is longer
    slot 2 is med
    slot 1 is short

  26. this game used to scare the shit out of me as a kid I always thought the old guy would come home for some reason

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