Monster Hunter 6 is Happening! (Next New Game Reveal Confirmed) -

Monster Hunter 6 is Happening! (Next New Game Reveal Confirmed)

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So what’s happening with the 6th Monster Hunter gen and when? Enjoy!
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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is here with as we talk the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak gameplay with Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak new monsters like Sunbreak Elder Dragons but mainly Sunbreak Title Update 4 Sunbreak Fatalis Sunbreak new black dragon Monster Hunter Black Dragon Title Update 5 New Iceborne Monster reveal but way after that we’re heading for Monster Hunter 6 at TGS Tokyo Game Show in 2023 and Monster Hunter 6 2024 the 20th Monster Hunter Anniversary Monster Hunter 6 Everything We Know!

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  1. Everyone waiting mhw 2 , nothing else is matters in this community. Only mhw 2

  2. Personally I don't think they'll reveal 6 during tgs (tho I hope I'm wrong), the game awards at the end of the year are much more likely.

  3. I'm just as excited as any hunter for mh6 but I don't think we're going to see a glimpse of it this year maybe next for sure but this year naww

  4. Waiting for this game, I’ve been playing some of the earlier Monster Hunter games. Replaying tri ultimate is making me wish swimming will be back

  5. MH Now is going to be a steaming pile of Dog $h!t…

    I Never Want to See Mobile MH EVER…

    (Invest resources where it matters…)

  6. this time im waiting till it comes out on PC i will NOT buy this game twice…. NOPE i wont do it

  7. NO NO NO NO mobile games is where franchises go to die RIP MH it was fun ill miss you.

  8. Monster hunter 6?
    Or, y'know…
    Monster Hunter REMAKE (1,2, 3, or non numbered title)
    Monster Hunter Stories 3
    Monster Hunter Tactics(in the vein of fire emblem, disgaea, or tactics ogre)
    Monster Hunter Worldwide MMORPG
    Monster Hunter resource management sim
    Monster hunter Squadbased Shooter-style game…

    Not to derail the hype train, because all of these would be Awesome.
    Or hell, just a Monster Hunter with offline Co-op options…

  9. I would LOVE a remaster of the first 4 gens to tide us over into the 6th generation title launch.

  10. i want to see an open world monster hunter with entire ecosystems and almost every monster in the series

  11. I don't see MH now being successful out of japan. Mobile gaming in the west is not so mainstream, especially for a game like MH. See the best one is clash royale where less effort is to be put in

  12. I wait till the end each video for the outro

  13. I love that they're branching out with more mobile games. I honestly hope they take their time with the next big platform project, some development teases are always welcome though.

  14. I want more monster hunter world plz…

  15. I'm really hoping monster hunter as a series never ends anytime soon. like this game series literally built my entire gaming childhood and still is a vital foundation for it now. I love this series, AND I NEED THIS SO MUCH

  16. The " leak " says its a 22 person team

    Only a handful of people are assuming it's anything to do with mh6.

    More likely, they're being given a chance to revive megaman or some other Capcom IP with a strong brand.

  17. It’s definitely about that time lol I’m hype for a lot of games this year but monster hunter is just in the back of my mind always 😂😭 I need a new Monster Hunter now !

  18. My ideal game is basically this:
    1. take World as the foundation. Home console, more realistic, not too anime over the top like Rise (get rid of iceborne clutch claw)
    2. go back to the originals like the first MH, Tri, Freedom 2 / Unite and focus on the aesthetic, feel, sound, and sort of lifestyle of the game
    3. Build an open world. Sorta like a way bigger guiding lands. Imagine all the locations are connected with hub towns and camps literally being palaces you can wander into
    4. For quests you have to go to hub towns to the bounty boards but otherwise it’s just explore, wander, hunt, and capture out in the open world like expeditions
    5. Focus on quality of life improvements like streamlining menus etc. (organize the decorations list!)
    6. As many monsters as possible. Hopefully more than 3 on the map at any time and not always the same number
    7.progression to zones / paths open with story progression
    8. Focus on making the world feel natural and real. Like an even better expanded food chain tied to ecosystems like World
    9. Cross console co-op maybe? I doubt it though
    10. Keep things classic but feeling deep and real. Don’t make all the weapons a bone or iron plus some scales like World, but also not crazy ninja moves like Rise. Classic MH had the perfect balance of feeling like a real world with its own lifestyle and mechanics, but also some goofyness in the right way

  19. I really hope that underwater combat return with the MH6 shortly or something, because some discoveries in the sea, river, and lake might help find and carve some materials and parts.

  20. I had heard that Capcom also said that they are releasing a game in March that will ",sell millions". It feels like there is no way it's mh, but at the same time maybe?

  21. i wish i was into these games like everyone else, i just find it so boring. i had almost 200 hours on World but when i look back i don’t even know why i spent that time on the game, there wasn’t really much to do, to upgrade, being stuck in place while attacking felt so clunky

  22. Hope it’s not going to be that easy like rise.

    Fatalis was so much fun

  23. My concern is another day one rise situation (aka AN INCOMPLETE FUCKING GAME)

  24. Monster hunter now is very scary! Any game tht goes into mobile market comes out a greedy mess, case and point cod

  25. I’ve said this a ton but I really hope that MH6 is like world with a heightened focus on ecology and stuff like that

  26. Can we get an opinion on the tweet from Takashi Mochizuki of Bloomberg and his tweet concerning this Capcom Shareholders meeting discussing Capcom's “plans to release one unannounced game, which would sell millions, by March next year.” I think we are getting teased not just the reveal of the Tokyo Game Show in September… But a release at the end of January-Beginning of February 2024 al-la Elden Ring Style. Afterall, I can't think of any Game IP Capcom has that can sell that many titles in a month… But, what do all the other Hunters think?

  27. the quality and immersiveness of world with the gameplay of rise would be the perfect MH + any new additions or improvements

  28. Mhw was the best mh game to date. Ive played them since psp, then 3ds, then wii, then wii u, then on and on. and i can fully state with confidence that "monster hunter world was the best game of the series"

  29. I hope they hold an event like they did for 4U with the life size gore magala statue and the actors in cosplay armor sets.

  30. I have over 800hrs on my first playthrough of MHWIB mostly using CB, Hammer and SnS. Now I'm on my 2nd playthrough and I'm only using GS. I'm glad I did not burn myself out by trying so hard to master the game! It's a fun way to burn some time while waiting for friends to buy Rise so we all can play it. I'm really looking forward for the next entry 🙂

  31. oh snap, i better play MH Rise and Sunbreak before that… I went completely dark on Monster Hunter since MHR released on switch and I've somehow remained spoiler free

  32. They alredy released a puzzle game for phones not long ago and it was absolutely horrendous 💀

  33. There is no game I want to hear announced more than MH World 2

  34. I hope they will add a greater open world than the previous games, like being able to travel from forest to desert without loadings, ecc…….
    Might be a little difficult and inrealistic, but a man can dream ahahahah

  35. I mean theres dmc, any playstation exclusive, resident evil, dragons dogma etc

  36. I've opted to playing the games in Japanese because everything is new and exciting cause i can't fucking read Japanese

  37. I am desperate for another world styled MH, they need to stay on that path and that type of game with those sweet succulent graphics.


  39. if they put in the detail of mh world with more monesters and a new story line this could be sooo fking good and im looking forward to it even if it had the detailed of rise

  40. 1:18 as much as I love MH I very much doubt it's capcoms most successful franchise when resident evil, dmc and Street fighter exist

  41. Monster hunter League of Legends called " Monster hunter : Turf wars!

  42. They need to make a world 2! I'm loving now, but as much fun as rise was it felt like a step back

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