Monster Hunter: Exclusive Game to Movie Creature Comparison - Rathalos, Diablos -

Monster Hunter: Exclusive Game to Movie Creature Comparison – Rathalos, Diablos

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Director Paul W.S. Anderson showcases his film adaptation’s versions of Diablos and Rathalos to the Capcom game series’ director Kaname Fujioka and producer Ryozo Tsujimoto for their approval.

Behind our world, there is another: a world of dangerous and powerful monsters that rule their domain with deadly ferocity.

When an unexpected sandstorm transports Lt. Artemis (Milla Jovovich) and her unit (TI Harris, Meagan Good, Diego Boneta) to a new world, the soldiers are shocked to discover that this hostile and unknown environment is home to enormous and terrifying monsters immune to their firepower. In their desperate battle for survival, the unit encounters the mysterious Hunter (Tony Jaa), whose unique skills allow him to stay one step ahead of the powerful creatures.

As Artemis and Hunter slowly build trust, she discovers that he is part of a team led by the Admiral (Ron Perlman). Facing a danger so great it could threaten to destroy their world, the brave warriors combine their unique abilities to band together for the ultimate showdown.

Monster Hunter, directed by Mortal Kombat and Resident Evil’s Paul W.S. Anderson, will open December 30, 2020.



  1. You could tell a great mh story with only showing one main monster but this guy can only show cgi monsters and tell no story.

  2. "We can deliver for the fans", they say? I think you already fell flat on the trailer my guy.🤣

  3. If the monsters don't die easily to bullets then ok but if they do, the fuq

  4. Put a couple of Devil Jhos it might attract movie goers 😁

  5. Better to be optimistic, but don't put any high expectation or you'll fall painfully

  6. Am I the only one actually excited for this movie??

  7. How does Paul W. Anderson keep getting work with such mediocre films?

  8. The creators of monster hunter were probably held at gunpoint to be there

  9. When the Game has better VFX than the actual movie

  10. 99.9% of the comments here are mostly bitching about a movie that's wasn't even out yet!

    How am i disappointed with you guys!

  11. I mean, youre going to watch it and you know it

  12. "If we can deliver for you, we can deliver for the fans"

    Well, about that…

  13. Sorry but seriously making a game into a movie is a hot garbage idea. Monster Hunter is not a movie based game.

  14. 0:34 The ecosystems are going to be more than just desert, so that's a relief. (Unless it's just an oasis)

  15. I am definitely gonna watch this movie ONLY for the monsters. nothing else.

  16. This is what fan fiction looks like with a budget.

  17. I am just gonna see it because of tony jaa

  18. Americans: what's the monsters have???

    Tony ja: oils

  19. This is why Hollywood needs to play the game before making a movie from it.

  20. Playing two hours of the game itself will be more worth my time than seeing this movie. Ditch the modern setting and give me real hunters, give me a village or a city with its own culture, give me palicos. Not a jeep full of US soldiers that we all know are there because it costs less money than what we really want.

  21. Man, the new Call of Duty movie is looking great

  22. I mean nobody is complaining about the monsters they look amazing…is just the Isekai thing….

  23. “What we can deliver for you, we can deliver it to the fans.”


  24. I'm calling it the sequel will take place in our world

  25. I really wanted to hear why the Morden military is teleported to the monster Hunter… Universe??? It's cannon, or the spinoff like MH Story 1 & 2,or just not link to any cannon or spin-offs 😰???

  26. I just want lore sized B I G S N E K in cg

  27. Hey Anderson could you show them the Nerscyllas too because they need a tad more work.

  28. What if I told you guys that Milla Johovich is going to have flirtatious feelings with the Meowscular Chef

  29. tfw you used a rocket launcher against the diablos

    Bow: Wait, did you just…

    enraged mode intensifies

  30. "If we can deliver for you we can deliver for the fans"
    6 horrible resident evil movies later….

  31. They probably only showed them the monster shots and nothing regarding the story.

  32. The monsters look accurate sure but almost EVERYTHING about their behavior is hilariously inaccurate

  33. I can't imagine the isekaid characters swinging Greatswords same as what characters do in the game.

  34. i wonder if they showed them the U.S. military strolling up and shooting all the monsters too. I wonder what they would say about the accuracy on that

  35. If there is not a turf war in this film I will be very disappointed

  36. The monsters themselves might be the only thing that can save this movie.

  37. flying wyvern with elder dragon size huh? interesting

  38. Well, here we go again. Milla Jovovich in another Capcom adaptation.
    I mean, what next, a Mega Man ZX adaptation with her in a BioMetal suit? (I'm not saying which one.)

  39. The monsters were pretty ok but they massacred my boy nerscyella

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