Monster Hunter in 2023 - New Games, Title Updates & Monster Hunter 6 Rumors! -

Monster Hunter in 2023 – New Games, Title Updates & Monster Hunter 6 Rumors!

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We are now in 2023, so what does that mean for Monster Hunter? With Monster Hunter Rise and Sunbreak releasing for Xbox & PlayStation, a new mobile game in development from Studio TiMi and Capcom, and the final title updates for Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, the question is what’s next? What about those Monster Hunter 6 rumors? Let’s talk about them!

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  1. i do hoped they added new weapon type we need new thing to try..

    cough Magnet Spike pliz

  2. I used to chase all of the events in world iceborne, but now dont care at all for rise sunbreak events. Hopefully next mh will give similar feel like world iceborne

  3. I think its time for Capcom to finally pull out a new "Frontier" for Monster Hunter. It's been proven that the game sells well in the West now. Give me Frontier with the visual quality of World.

  4. The non monster hunter game I'm most excited for is Holliw Knight Silksong. Og Hollowknight is prolly my favorite indie game of all time. As for MH I'm excited to finally dive into sunbreak as I haven't played rise since early 2022 and more so I'm expecting a MH6 related announcement around E3. As much as I love Rise's editions Iceborne is imo the most fun game in the series so I'm hoping MH6 is going to be more like that

  5. I would like little more darker take of monster hunter…..les colorful

  6. Id love a MH game that goes back to its more rigid unsmooth less crazy over the top roots. Maybe remasters of the older games

  7. MonHun 6 has got me excited. What I think is the series will now take a more narrative approach to monster hunter as evident by MHW and SunBreak. I hope the MonHun team listens to the feedback of us hunters. While we enjoy the new systems that come with each game. Wire bugs, Mantles, Palamutes, Hunter Arts, Followers etc. I do hope some of these become mainstays. It's frustrating when they have a preexisting template and scrap it. It would be nice if hunter Arts came back and we got to keep followers and Palamutes. I can't imagine a world without our hunting doggos. Not to mention palamutes have their real world counterparts contrary to palicos.

    I also hope we visit the old world again with new and upgraded visuals. As well as having the MonHun verse being more connected than it is. While there are references to other titles in the series rarely anything is concrete. We get the same locales again returning monsters, but no returning narratives. The closest to a returning narrative we get is fatalis and the ace cadet having their showdown in MHW:IB. Why not expand that?

  8. With 12k hours in mhw alone not even including any other mh title, the clutch claw better not fucking exists.

  9. More water, more biomes, more MHW story pathing, and definitely more Palico gourmet. 👌

    I just want my [headcanon] Palican bird swimmer/glider!

    – In regards to the mobile port, I hope this is a minor shift that they're taking and not doing to Monster Hunter what Dragon Quest did to its franchise and go that route. Stay on track with what MHW did for the community and it'll stay afloat!

  10. After falling in love with MHW, I just downloaded the ps5 version of rise and while I’ve only played it for a few hours, the gameplay is tight but there are a few things I really hope return in the next installment. There was something special about the way you tracked monsters in world and while at times it got tidious, the mechanic not being in rise is sorely missed (at least to me). It felt good going on a mission to hunt a new monster and having to track it down and then being treated to a cutscene featuring the monster.

  11. I'm just praying they return to the World formula. I've been playing since 3U and I've loved every single game, I've even gone back to the older ones out of curiosity. Nothing compares to the feeling World gave me, though. That game is truly special.

  12. Monster hunter 6 better be world two and honestly i want them to bring backore classic monsters but be 90% knew monsters, new zone types and the story should be something along the lines of being more like Lewis and Clark so pack the game way more than the others with beasties and for the love of God no more useless seiges like Zora magdaros

  13. My first real experience with Monster Hunter was World and man…I lit up like a Christmas tree playing that game for the first time. I was like a kid exploring in the forest.

    I hope Capcom can replicate that awesome feeling again with the new major title update.

  14. I want more MH stories games!! That series is so underused!!

  15. it wasn't just a leak it was stolen information about MH6 & other titles that was announced.

  16. Million dollar idea(Names)
    Monster Hunter World final destination or Monster Hunter World The New Adventure

  17. There was just something of MHW that just captivated my soul I’ve been playing monster hunter since the very first game! as a Veteran I’m always excited on what they’re going to introduce to us in new titles but let’s see,hopefully they bring back those beautiful MHW graphics but more better and refined.

  18. Been a fan since second gen.

    MHW was the best selling capcom game of ALL time.

    I’m willing to bet they’ve been working on a sequel since I’ve borne, hopefully set for ps5/series x and pc only release.

  19. One thing you can be sure about JP game companies is that if a game sells well then they definitely gonna make a sequel.

  20. I hope they dont keep anything from Rise, for me that Game is just a stepback from World

  21. I have played Monster Hunter series from the beginning. I must say there's lots of cool mechanics across all games. If they could just implement that into a large scale game like MHW it would be a great sight to see. I've always thought it'd be cool to travel to different locations in the globe to hunt different monsters. Like start at world and then head to rise or go back to older locations from the previous games.

  22. Kommt das neue Teil raus monster hunter 6 für die switch raus?

  23. Any new Monster Hunter release that is not Rise this year?

  24. I hope to finally hear that monster hunter world 2 is officially announced

  25. I want there to be underwater battles again. I dont get why… well… I respect the fact that people didnt like and struggled with underwater combat, but i personally loved it.

  26. Excited for all things Monster Hunter, period

  27. I bought an Series X in a good time I'd say and for a few other great games from Capcom, this generation will be something else.

  28. things i want in the next monster hunter
    being able to use any armor as a layered armor, in addition to having the option to change the appearance of weapons, being able to change more the color of armor and weapons, the return of tonfas, magnetic thorns and make the online free in console

  29. Rise combat just doesnt hit the same as World did for me. I really hope the next installment is more akin to World and with an improved multiplayer experience. The whole ordeal with cutscenes ruined it for many of my friends. Personally not sure if I'd like a return of the guiding lands or clutch claw in the way that it was implemented, but I'm sure the game will be fantastic when all is said and done. Looking forwad to new hunts!

  30. as a new player who started with MHW i loved the game and hopped that they contiune on expandding the game, but they made a new game instade 🙁

  31. Honestly they should remove that phase 1 BS from the Fatalis quest where it requires you to do it Solo to a certain point that crap is a pain. Ice borne would be a lot more fun if they would let us just send a SOS from the start instead of forcing us to do it Solo without help. Monster Hunter World Ice Borne is the most realistic an stunning Monster Hunter game 🎮 ever.

  32. Reeeeally don't give a shit about Rise. MHW set the bar too high for me. Need MHW2.

  33. People need to curb their expectations. A lot of people are expecting some grandiose MH sequel, but they should probably expect something more along the lines of a cross-platform bundle of MH Stories 1 and 2 as well as Generations Ultimate.

  34. I love that monster hunter world brought in so many newcomers that are now passionate fans. As someone who joined in at 3 ultimate on the 3DS it's been an amazing journey. Ione so many art books and have thousands of hours in this franchise and I'm hoping to put many more.

  35. Rise/Sunbreak was ok. Mh World 2 would amazing!!!

  36. Ranking the MH games limited to main titles and with G-Rank/Master Rank content (the high rank content is not a good basis due to g/master rank expensions) and scaling the beauty of the game content IMO:

    1. MHWI – the game that makes a big influence. great environment atmosphere and best expendition content. best lore-wise monster difficulty scaling (the black dragon tier make up most of the difficult monsters in the game). 1st mh game that allowed maximum potential skill (no more 10 points to unlock and negative skills) and only mh game to allow many players in a session (other main titles have max of 4). biggest con is the super fast guided progression (its funny being able to fight a Fatalis eariler than Ruiner Nergigante due to guided story)

    2. MHGU – best content as it focused a lot with hunting styles of exclusive sets and combination of the best monsters from 2nd and 3rd gen. biggest con of making hardest monsters towards hyper class (basic silver and gold rath being already among the hardest is totally disgusting)

    3. MHRS – best in terms of speedrun content (wirebug systems), first mh game to make elemental build on par with raw in speedruns. biggest cons are the terrible endgame monster hunt content and removed the beauty of vertical terrain detail of short ledges)

    4. MHP3rd – best QoL improvement of weapons and hitboxes and first introduction of expedition. biggest con is the lack of g-rank)

    5. MH4U – the first improved vertical terrain system and introduction of relic-based weapons and hardcore variation of monsters (frenzied and apex monsters). improvement of monster attack ai like tendency to make attacks from a 180 blindspot. best mh game in lore-based story with an explorable non-hunting world. biggest cons is the black dragon level dragons are fairly easy (dalamadur, fatalis trio aren't big deal) and excessive vertical terrain where most are climbing walls)

    6. MH3U – interesting water terrain battle. cons is the lack of diverse content in terms of weapons.

    7. MHFU -the hardcore game in the franchise with many cons in relation to newer titles. felyne companions are cannot equip armors and has unfriendly firing. blind gathering until nothing else exists. weapons and armors upgrades are stupidly expensive with most reaching 10k low rank endgame. super large hitbox and getting killed from tripping. the great side is having a great scaling of monsters with elder dragons and the super giant wyverns being among the difficult hunts and the siege quests are so difficult if you do master the mechanics.

  37. All I want is a Goss Harag x Glavenus Turf war in MH6

  38. I’m really hoping for mhw2 with some quality of life changes made by rise such as palamute. Tbh I don’t care for rise that much due to not enjoying the wirebug feature, it just feels like solving a problem that didn’t exist before.

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