Monster Hunter is a Very Serious Game -

Monster Hunter is a Very Serious Game

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This is a hardcore gaming experience for hardcore gamers only, sorry Mum you can’t play
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  1. The doggo and puddy cat made me want to get this game

  2. I love your monster hunter content will you be doing more

  3. I wanted to look if this was Monster Hunter Rise, but Youtube said it was "A very serious game" – thanks youtube.

  4. Imagine this gentleman glad garry to be feature in Dan's Miitopia series.

  5. RT continues his worship of McDonalds in all forms I see

  6. i was planning to wait this one out, but dan just made me rethink my game choices.

  7. it's so serious that youtube made an entirely new category called 'A very serious game'!

  8. RT, the random guy joined because when you accepted the quest you guys selected "Yes (send Join Request)" rather than just "Yes".
    That makes your current hunt public for randoms responding to Join Requests.
    Just use "Yes" if you want to leep it private to your lobby only.

  9. "its a Lagombi not a Lamborghini"
    Nono, it sure moves fast enough to be one

  10. I Like your taste in eyes, though I personally preferred making Them glow vomit-green
    Also good Hair choice.

  11. Monster Hunter players on YouTube are invariably Team Darkside-level min/maxers or this buffoonery. Sometimes it’s refreshing to see some buffoonery

  12. Dan was just white skin colour away from playing as Ronald McDonald

  13. youtube’s game sensing thing thought this game is “a very serious game”

  14. That ending. It just flowed so beautiful. Japan is crazier than dinosaur land

  15. Kevin's arch nemesis making a guest appearance in MHR would be amazing.

  16. I love a very serious game. One of my favourites

  17. today I learned "A very serious game" is actually a game category with a lot of videos on it. Like, a significant amount.

  18. What monster hunter is this? That cooking scene makes me want to play it

  19. Eh! it is yes, but it also has a very big, jokey not serious side to it so… 50/50

  20. Glad Gary looks like he heard the blues are calling.

  21. Every og monster hunter fan know's that title is a lie, but appreciates you playing along (i say this as someone who ever only put in a couple of hours in 3 & 4 ultimate before finally getting 1k+ hours in World/Iceborne, and will most likely do the same once Rise/Sunbreak is complete)

  22. You should play Minecraft earth server

  23. Lol you changed the game to "A very serious game"

  24. I used to enjoy these videos, but now they just make me feel even lonelier.

  25. “Clifford the small red dog”, from the universe where he was unloved.

  26. Why is this in the topic of a very serious game

  27. I really like the Kiwo Collabs, especially the egg puns, which made me laugh out loud.

  28. 10 minutes is too short for a game like this

  29. Oh my god it’s funny watching someone playing it for the first time, it reminds me of how I felt lol

  30. > looks at thumbnail

    Ah yes. The great constant, around which all of rtgame rotates.

    C l o w n

  31. Clifford the small red dog is an actual thing.

  32. Do more Monster Hunter! It's freakin HILARIOUS

  33. please tell me u are going to play the whole game, i would love to see that

  34. 6:05 Found you faker! Faker? I think you're the fake hunter around here.

  35. Why did he use the Von Karma voice when he said "I am the egg burglar" 😂

  36. Kinda surprised there was no Ronald jokes

  37. Hello
    Nothing to see here
    Just good ol me

    Waiting for him to fall into gacha addiction

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