Monster Hunter Now - New Best Weapon = Easy Game - INFINITE Parts & FAST Endgame Hunts - OP Status! -

Monster Hunter Now – New Best Weapon = Easy Game – INFINITE Parts & FAST Endgame Hunts – OP Status!

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Monster Hunter Now just got a whole lot easier with this trick! Enjoy!
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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak and it’s Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak gameplay is over so we look to Monster Hunter 6 gameplay to come to try and meet the highs of Monster Hunter World Iceborne Gameplay but for now a surprise new reveal of new Monster Hunter Now a new Monster Hunter game by Niantic who made Pokemon GO gameplay and this Monster Hunter Now trailer release date new monsters weapons looks actually awesome as it gets new gameplay with multiplayer Monster Hunter Now release date review cash shop pay to win Monster Hunter Now new player guide xp hr level up great sword long sword sword and shield hammer bowgun bow guide sp armor skills attacks combo guide moveset weapon unlock zenny monster part HR farm 5 star 6 star monsters story complete endgame best great sword hammer sword and shield light bowgun bow gun bow long sword best weapon build armor skills pink rathian poison paralysis status weapon weapons!

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  1. i was wondering when someone was gonna notice how strong the pukei poison weapons were, i been maining the pukei SnS since i made it lol, only use the legiana ice one for diablos to make him easier but not needed, so as such im on chapter 11 of the 2nd time through and can kill all 6 stars reliably so i have a fully maxed pukei SnS, just need another plate and i could make it grade 7 already, and multiple maxed out grade 6 armors all with offensive damage skills, no matter the monster, its dying lol

  2. what! why u use potions HP? :/ i always kill monster with out potions

  3. Good thing I don't ignore those small monsters, I also use them to charge up my special attack

  4. I would not advise waiting to progress for a couple of reasons.
    1. After you beat the story, you get access to refining parts that are needed for g6 and up.
    2. The six stars do not show up as often as one may think after beating rathalos. There were more four stars than anything.
    3. It is better to shoot for a chance at getting a rare 5 you may need later than settling for a rare 4 you need now. While chasing the rare 5, you will inevitably get the sub rares

  5. <3 Once you get Diablos Raw Bow and enough level of focus with maybe crit gloves (kulu) the overall difficulty becomes easier. Try not to push the content too fast so you can keep the level of your equipment similar or above the monster star level though. 😉 <3 Improving skills against each monster lowers the difficulty of the fight big time. Using bow is all about charging, which means getting to the 4th stage that deals the highest damage, shortening the charging time is extremely beneficial and it will going to make the fight much easier (evading monster attacks), and overall it increases the DPS too 😎 <3 I am aiming for the max focus and the highest DPS bow (its going to be the raw bow (Diablos) cause it's the easiest, but slowly levelling up the other elemental bows too 😉 <3 Peace <3

  6. The problems with games like this and anyone who boosts them is that capcom will think that this is okay to do more of. (i really wish people wouldnt support this kind of stuff)
    Mobile games are low effort cashgrabs and capcom will spend more time doing this (cos they want money i mean just look at all the meh resident evil remakes and street fighters that hasnt really changed since street figther 4) than doing the things that people actually want like a proper breath of fire/onimusha sequel or another pc/console grade monster hunter.

  7. as the current owner of 5 tier 6/7 LBG I regret many things

  8. Until I made a set for every element, I slayed everything at least once with Pukey Bow (Last Urgent I finished with it was Diablos), so my main was Poison and my Casual set (When in a moving car) is Great Girros SnS, both are awesome!

  9. Anyone else having a hard time getting rarity 2 materials to the point of it blocking you from upgrading

  10. Been focusing on Pukei and Girros since the beginning. Paralysis is huge

  11. I almost exclusively use my pukie pukie sns. I like its higher raw damage over having the increased poison buildup and less raw of rathian. Once you poison a monster the extra poison doesnt do as much as the higher raw would from pukie sns vs rathian sns

  12. I wondet will elder dragons be in this game in future

  13. It's not like after you reach a new star level that they are all that spawn. If you are looking for lvl 4 material then I would argue that it is good to unlock 6 star monsters because you will mostly have 4, 5, and 6 star monsters showing up. Sure the highest monster that can spawn is harder and less likely to give those materials, but I find that I have 4 and 5 star monsters spawning the most.

  14. Honestly just do what you want and enjoy the journey. It is supposed to be a game that you spend a lot of time on and grind. If you want to min max you can. But just do whatever lets you not purchase potions.

  15. Kinda wish i didnt complete story but rath gear would be nice got chest but need waist and helm 😅 6 star too stronk

  16. Wait, did I miss something? Is there a reason to keep farming small monsters besides filling up the SP gauge and small parts?

  17. Me who just finished the story an hour before watching this video 😐

  18. Whelp seeing the drop chances sucks quite a bit…Max drop rate i can farm for nosebones is 6%…Im lucky if i can get 2 anja a day atm…and ive only seen 5star ones 3 times so far.
    I take it part breaks just roll from the normal pool? since consistant breaks havnt been netting specific parts. the amount of times claws have dropped when I sever the tail is kinda nuts.

  19. Just saying, I beat the 6 stars great girros with a grade 3 water bow

  20. I’d have to test the weapon stats in this game but I can say status seems to be equal value across weapons and element as well seems to carry the same weight which is different from the main line.

  21. Thanks for the heads up, im on 5 star right now so I’ll hold off a bit more

  22. i actually noticed the difference in status weapons some days ago. i used a status girros GS with 175 atk + 125 para and a 170 atk Barroth GS to compare. they are both level 2 weapons (+ 4/5 for girro and 2/5 for barroth) but the dmg difference is big! Girro GS tackle does 132 dmg to trashmobs and barroth GS tackle only 75 dmg.
    for a normal uncharged strike it is: 204 vs 114 dmg.
    are raw weapons just crap?

  23. I love poison. Was using the puki-puki great sword as main

  24. Would SnS or bow be better at applying poison?

  25. I loved all 3 Pink Rathians I’ve seen so far. Awesome event…

  26. Bro as soon as i got the bow unlock I made the pukei bow and it has carried me all the way to 6 star and now to purple one star as long as I upgrade it. I killed ALL monsters with it. It's still my go too even now, of course I use the other elemental bows now on specific monsters to kill them faster but most of the time i use the pukei bow as my main.

  27. Does status damage work like element? If I have 200 raw + 200 poison would that be 400 total damage or 200 total damage?

  28. You know, you can play hunts landscape, just turn phone side ways

  29. My Girros hammer has been completely reliable. You don't really need to build tons of elemental weapons early on. The one proc of paralysis lets you wail on monsters giving you time to build up more CC like stuns, flinches, and part breaks, which give you even more opportunities to deal damage. I have level 2 slugger and level 2 partbreaker for this reason 😂😂😂😂

    I think as a general rule of thumb, you'll be able to do just enough damage if your weapon is one grade lower (but max level) than the monster's stars, e.g. a grade 5/level 5 weapon can kill a 6* monster with quite a bit of room for errors.

  30. Just hit HR69. I'm at playthrough 4 > 8 Star Monsters…only used Poison SnS to kill those 1437 monsters before 😅😅😅 just started buildin my 2nd Weapon 😂

  31. I think I missed the part where he said permanently stay at a point before finishing the story since what I got from the video was to farm at a point to stockpile some parts you'll need later and then progress the story to the next stage when ready due to the drop odds, rinse and repeat until you finish the story

    Some people are saying stuff like how you'd be locking yourself out of certain things… when you'd progress to those certain things anyway since that's kinda why you're farming in the first place? It doesn't really make sense

  32. Look, here's the real trick to this game…if a monster is weak to a certain element and you can't beat it with your other stuff, you gotta just bite the bullet and get that element. Farming Diablos was an absolute nightmare for me until I unlocked the ice bow…now I don't even have to break my stride when walking around town fighting one.

  33. If you wanna start playing here is a referal code for extra items =)


  34. I dont fight the small monster i even throw away their materials cause my box is constantly full evwn with 5500 space

  35. Hey ! Feel free to use my referal code for free potions and paintballs !
    Happy hunting !

  36. <3 For those who don't know, we can evade the monsters stunning roar 😉 <3 love you all <3

  37. Hmmm I took a break cause of the grinding but I get back into it now

  38. The progression i've been doing is similar but as someone else pointed, not finishing the story locks you out of key components for later upgrading that are better to just stockpile on early and the monster levels for 6 and higher aren't that much greater.
    The best thing ive observed is hunting Pukei Pukei, Tobi Kadachi and Jagras non stop. Pueki gives you poison thats good against tobi and jagras. Tobi gives you thunder which is good for rathalos, rathian and pukei. Jagras gives you water which is good against everything else. Gives you a solid baseline of three weapons and monsters to hunt. The armor, Kulu helm, a couple of paolumu pieces, and rathian rathalos to fill in for either more defensive options, or just pure damage options based on the weapons armor counterpart to help. (Ie my sets have all the same helm and waist but different legs to boost the damage type associated with the weapon)

  39. Lol homeboy finally unlocked diablos hammer..welcome to midgame lil buddy

  40. shud have watched videos about the game earlier xD, maybe i progressed the quest too fast, now difficult to get material xD

  41. Let me just say that I've beaten a 6* Great Girros with a G4.2 Anjanath Fire Bow, which benefits nothing from the extra Fire Attack. Which my point is you've played your fight against that 6* Great Girros almost perfectly with that many Perfect Dodges.

    Status weapons or raw weapons can still beat the game yeah, but I don't think it makes it an "Easy Game". I struggled getting Legiana mats and had to settle beating Urgent Quest Diablos with a G4 Kulu Hammer after multiple attempts to perfectly time everything, while my friend who got his Ice LBG in just 1 Legiana Hunt, "breezed" through Diablos in his first attempt.

  42. 6star monsters are not terrible because true endgame is 8stars to the current max of 10star. Any raw or elemental weakness G5 can farm 6star monsters.

  43. Bro. GS loves Pukei hat and mail. Go with Barroth early game.

  44. I’ve been upgrading the Kulu bow to the moon and I’ve been impressed with its potential damage output (key word potential). It easily got me past the first story play though and is a constant go to. I’ve found piercing shot to be the key element with the affinity perk. However, It does feel like I’m hitting the monster with a foam dart if I’m not targeting weak spots… but overall it’s been a pretty solid weapon.

  45. I agree with that One tip that everyone should follow don't progress the story too fast. You'll end up struggling to get certain monster parts and zenny. I stop progressing the story again when time wasn't on my side anymore.

    Now I got a weapon powerful enough to beat 4 stars monster in less than 10.
    seconds. Plus getting rarity 4 materials is now frequent.

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