Monster Hunter Now | New Game Revealed - Gameplay, Trailer , Release Date & Closed Beta Details -

Monster Hunter Now | New Game Revealed – Gameplay, Trailer , Release Date & Closed Beta Details

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In this video, we’re going to be talking about the new game Monster Hunter Now that has just been announced. This game is sure to bring a lot of new fans into the series, and we’re going to show you all the gameplay, trailer and release date info!

So whether you’re a fan of the series, pokemon go or mobile games in general, be sure to check out Monster Hunter Now! We’ll be keeping you updated on all the latest details so that you can plan your journey ahead!

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  1. I feel like they went with the money. Which i suppose is fine…

  2. Can't wait to play monster hunter now at work. Going to have Rathalos as my boss asking me if I could have those TPS reports done by this weekend.

  3. meh, rather not
    i hate games like pokemon go, it's accident prone shit

  4. The game isn't out yet, so currently MH 'Now' is MH Later. And a few years from now, the game will be MH Then. Or MH Before.

  5. If they dont add pay to win weapons ill be fine

  6. i really hope this game didnt take resources away from monster hunter 6

  7. Why a mobile game why can we not have a game with the new consoles I guess monster Hunter fans really hate monster Hunter world I thought it was a great game

  8. They gonna have me chasing rathalos for 5 miles as it flies away😂

  9. Imagine ratholos flying into a city and then says, it smells like bitch in here

  10. I'll give it a shot if they let you save to micro SD. I got a 512GB card, but lots of games only let you use the phone's built-in space, which sucks ass.

  11. When you just want MHExplore 2 so hopefully it stays like mh explore 2


  13. Well, I hope we are not gonna physically running around to hunt a monster, man that would be really exhausting😂

  14. Anyone knows the specs of mobile device to play this game yet ?

  15. Monster Hunter World is the best in the series, so I hope they'll come out with a sequel soon.. But add some of the nice big battles and stuff from the frontier mmo.

    And not arcade combat like Rise, feels perfect in world

  16. I'll give it a shot, excited but not gonna get my expectations too high lol

  17. Me going to nearest bone pile only to find an actual dead stray on the location 💀

  18. Skipping. Didn't like Pokémon Go & don't care for mobile games in general. So not even going to bother trying it out.

  19. Maybe they can incorporate this with the new monster hunter franchise as side quest.

  20. Ugh I'm just not a fan of mobile games. I'll wait for the next one.

  21. I won't be seeing any rathalos in the Southside of chicago… too many bowguns

  22. Encounters take less than a minute. Fuck that.

  23. Hey so the T-Shirts just arrived. And I really have to say the shirt choices are really weird. Incredibly tight at the waist and you gotta be relatively tall for an M to be at your waistband. I’m a bit sad cause I was hoping for a bit longer sleeves and overall a more roomy and comfy fit. Super tight at the armpits. The prints are great tho. Guess I have 4 new shirts to sleep in now

  24. 100% playing it. It's Monster Hunter. Who cares if its a mobile game. I am down to hunt.

  25. i just hopei can acualy play it to its full extent cus i play pokemon go but i live in the middle of nowere so that dont help. i hope mh now will save people in more rural areas

  26. Capcom is the absolute KING of releasing games no 1 is asking for. Just give us the next MHW game

  27. Ehhh… F2p mobile no interest.
    But if it gets popular I guess that's more funding for the series.

  28. This is sadly going to be a giant flop. I do not have faith in Niantic.

  29. I knew it, Niantic doesn't want too many games at ònce September is when they're gonna shutdown NBA ALL WORLD

  30. The Witcher : Monster Slayer is retired now so this might be interesting

  31. Ugh another game series jumping into the world of mobile games. It might be good for people that can somehow manage to play this stuff on a phone and not fat finger everything but, I really dislike trying to play a game on a tiny screen as my battery rapidly drains away.

  32. i love it, instead of having pets, now we can kill monsters and wear them, fricking love mh series

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