Monster Hunter Now - This Easily Beats ANY Star Monster - All Weapons Best Build Armor Skill Guide! -

Monster Hunter Now – This Easily Beats ANY Star Monster – All Weapons Best Build Armor Skill Guide!

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Monster Hunter Now is a brick wall at 5 star+ but not with this trick! Enjoy!
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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak and it’s Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak gameplay is over so we look to Monster Hunter 6 gameplay to come to try and meet the highs of Monster Hunter World Iceborne Gameplay but for now a surprise new reveal of new Monster Hunter Now a new Monster Hunter game by Niantic who made Pokemon GO gameplay and this Monster Hunter Now trailer release date new monsters weapons looks actually awesome as it gets new gameplay with multiplayer Monster Hunter Now release date review cash shop pay to win Monster Hunter Now new player guide xp hr level up great sword long sword sword and shield hammer bowgun bow guide sp armor skills attacks combo guide moveset weapon unlock zenny monster part HR farm 5 star 6 star monsters story complete endgame best great sword hammer sword and shield light bowgun bow gun bow long sword best weapon build armor skills!

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  1. @RageGamingVideos – If you take away ALL the Niantic carpola, you would have he mobile game MH should be. When you add in the "Real World" parts of the game, that turns this game from a quick one hour session, heck, quick 10 min session, into a couple hour session.
    If thats the case, Its better to play Rise on the switch… … … seriously, Niantic is carpola

  2. do offensive guard can easily triggered?

  3. Recoil down and reload speed also play a big role in survivability. LBG has a nasty habit of being animation locked so cutting that time increases both survivability and dps. As a LBG main, my focus is rank 3 in both. I would like to mention you forgot one thing here; weapons have skills too. Tobi Kodachi's LBG for example gives evade extender. I know the key factor in this guide is elemental domination so that takes precedence over skills on weapons, but they should be noted at least. For farming, even a weapon that isn't elementally matching will still destroy things so going for a weapon skill could be viable.

  4. Everybody sleeping on lvl 3 slugger lvl 2 focus hammer

  5. Rathalos helm, chest. Rathian gloves, waist. Kulu legs. 40 Raw, 15% burst, 40 % crit on weak point. Long sword is so satisfying when you nail the combo and it crits big. and of course Aesthetics.

  6. It is amazing how much the Jagras Mail helps. I went from trying desperately to try and take down monsters before the time runs out to having more than enough time to land a final hit. That and with all the Jagras parts I somehow accumulated, getting it up to a higher grade was pretty quick and replaced what I was previously using. Definitely will be trying to get it to Grade 6 as soon as I'm able. Just need to get the other armor pieces and need to upgrade the other weapons so I can do the five star hunts properly.

  7. Hi, 8 star hunter here, let me just say this, every content creator talks about burst and all the other seemingly super good skills right now, and yeah they are not. the only thing that matters is element up at some point, if you can slot in burst its fine but just not worth to sacrifice element up for it. For bowguns its recoil down and element up. So yeah if you can manage to get element up 5 and burst great, but if not element up 5 is the better choice. i will give you an example, i build the jagras sns to grade 8 3/5, it has 873 raw dmg and 358 water dmg on top i got water element up 5 so + 500 water dmg, i can manage to beat anjanath 8 star with that but have no chance if its water element up 4, take that info however you like but trust me on this, if you want to get far you need element up and only element up, maybe rising tide if its managable in your build, but thats it. sry for any mistakes, english is not my first language, cheers.

  8. Im bad on this game so i cant rely on peak performance.. for legs i go kulu for critical eye

  9. for ls fire u cn run rathalos pant for the extra fire bonus n regarding bow yes u can run a full elemental boost but i reccommend hving atlest focus lvl 3

  10. dang black diablos resentment synergize well with offensive guard build

  11. not gonna lie, this kinda looks stupid. why would I play this when I can play GU or SB wherever I want?

  12. you got no issue with any set for taking down monster.
    it is the item drop chance problem. how the the he*l six star monsters still drop so many rarity 1 items.

  13. For Great Sword, you can always use the gyro to aim at certain parts instead of using Lock On. Aim at the area where you want to hit the charged attack. It takes some time to get used to it but it's pretty much worth it especially if you want to break different parts for more drops.

  14. Why have you forgotten about recoil? It is a part of even the early LBGs.

  15. My man,burst on gs is garbage, u almost dont proc it

  16. Is it bass that I’m on the diablos urgent quest with only 1 rarity 4 equipment, and it’s not my weapon?

  17. Dude. This is the best video I've seen thus far for MHN. Thank you for posting. 🙇🏾‍♂️😭

  18. Hmm wait, for light bow gun the Barroth Greaves have recoil down which I think also increases attack speed which in terms means more dmg.

  19. My set now is rathalos helm, rathiat gloves, rathalos chest, diablos coil, anjanat greaves is good for the weak spot of the boss and a lot of damage.

  20. I live in a 10k population town and this game straight does you dirty. Really wished niantic would just boost spawn rates in rural areas.

  21. Does anyone know whether elemental attacks (eg thunder attack) from armours work on raw weapons? or do i need to use a corresponding elemental weapon?

  22. There's bad advices on some of the sets.
    Bow especially.

  23. At the end of the day u will prolly need many armour parts to swap around for clearing content in the game. I learned the hard way that there isn't a one size fits all kind of armour set (except maybe LBG where u most likely go 'Recoil Down 3' & 'Reload 3'). You will need to squeeze the damage out with armour parts that gives elemental dmg for 8* and beyond~

  24. Talk too fast and show too much, I can’t follow.

  25. Waitwaitwait! So like no dual swords in game!?!? I
    Here I was holding out hoping they would unlock at some point!!

  26. I concentrate focus on bow and it has not failed me in this game. I main hammer and switch axe, now that I don't have freedom of movement like the console version, I had to change my style.

  27. Watch how the timer skips like 10 seconds after that lag spike, when my phone was charging i installed the game on my tablet to beat a 5 star, but since the game was in slow down on the shitty tablet you dont even have enough time to beat the monster

  28. And with Bow & LBG don't forget to turn the aming on "FULL" and not "SEMI" This whay you can aim at the right monster part

  29. How you quickly aim the head, I'm using sns currently, it felt overwhelming when you're trying to lock on head while starting attacking

  30. I wish there was some kind of spreadsheet for this 😂

  31. What if MH6 dosn't add a new weapon but insted a new element for weapons and armor, like Wind as example.

  32. Is focus worth building into for long sword? It says it charges spirit gauge faster, does that do any sort of damage boost or does it just allow you to do the jump slash after hold skill sooner?

  33. I had anxiety watching you fighting Legiana with SnS. Just switch to LS if you are going to use lock on. I'm not saying lock on is bad, but using gyro aim for SnS out dps what you can do with lock on. Hammer should also use gyro aim to control the direction they run when in charging stance. LS arguably is the only weapon you will absolutely lose dps if you don't use lock on.

  34. Keep needing to refer to this since I still can't pick a weapon to main (fingers crossed for Lance in the next weapon drop). Here's all the recommendations in text form if anyone else finds it useful (LBG does definitely want recoil/reload skills in most cases)

    Head- Barroth/ Anja (fire)
    Chest- Anja (farming)/ Jagras
    Gloves- Rathian
    Waist- Rathian (raw)/ Kadachi (thunder)/ Legiana (ice)
    Legs- Anja (atk < 1200), Rathalos (atk > 1200), Jagras (water)
    Head- Rathalos/ Anja (fire)
    Chest- Anja (farming)/ Jagras
    Gloves- Rathian
    Waist- Rathian (raw)/ Kadachi (thunder)/ Legiana (ice)
    Legs- Anja (atk < 1200), Rathalos (atk > 1200), Jagras (water)
    Head- Rathalos
    Chest- Anja (farming)/ Jagras
    Gloves- Rathian
    Waist- Anja (raw)/ Kadachi (thunder)/ Legiana (ice)
    Legs- Anja (atk < 1200), Rathalos (atk > 1200), Jagras (water)
    GS/Hammer (Focus)
    Head- Pukei
    Chest- Anja (farming)/ Jagras
    Gloves- Black Diablos
    Waist- Rathalos
    Legs- Jyura
    Head- Rathalos
    Chest- Anja (farming)/ Jagras
    Gloves- Rathian
    Waist- Anja (raw)/ Kadachi (thunder)/ Legiana (ice)
    Legs- Anja (atk < 1200), Rathalos (atk > 1200), Jagras (water)
    Head- Rathalos/ Anja (fire)
    Chest- Anja (farming)/ Jagras
    Gloves- Jyura (water)/ Anja (fire)/ Rathian
    Waist- Kadachi (thunder)/ Legiana (ice)/ Rathalos (fire)/ Rathian
    Legs- Anja (atk < 1200), Rathalos (atk > 1200), Jagras (water)
    Head- Kadachi
    Chest- Anja (farming)/ Jagras (Paolumu for recoil)
    Gloves- Jyura (water)/ Anja (fire)/ Rathian (burst)/ Legiana (reload)
    Waist- Kadachi (thunder)/ Legiana (ice)/ Rathian (burst)
    Legs- Anja (atk < 1200), Rathalos (atk > 1200), Jagras (water)

  35. I want them to add dual blades asap, I don't wanna waste my mats crafting something that isn't my main weapon.

  36. If you ain't rocking diablos set with a kulu helmet, are you really hammering?

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