Monster Hunter Riders - Official Announcement Reveal Trailer -

Monster Hunter Riders – Official Announcement Reveal Trailer

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Here is our first look at Capcom’s new mobile Monster Hunter game coming to Android and iOS.


  1. Cool! I have Stories and the demo for Stories 2. I'll have to try this one

  2. Una pena que no esté disponible en ciertos móviles (como en mi caso)

  3. Oh god I played this like it was a fever dream.

  4. hope this get global version this be fun to play

  5. Crap, for a second I thought this was gonna be another game for me to play. Unfortunately, I am not a fan of phone games. However, I am super glad that this exists for all my folks who love Monster Hunter and want to play it on their phones! The more MH the better!

  6. Aahh… i tought this was new maaaann….

  7. Love the stories 2, but not a mobile game player sorry. Not gonna go that way

  8. Phone??? Yes!!!! Please!!! Take my money!!!! Where can I support this

  9. When does this release lol we already got stories 2

  10. Wonder when the global cut is going to be released

  11. Can't be surprised Capcom hedged their bet when Stories 1 did so poorly.

  12. I'd prefer if they put some of the monsties into stories 2 instead of them being exclusive to a mobile game.

  13. can't wait for this game to get more updates than rise

  14. They've fucked up the branding. What's next, Monster Hunter Breeders? They're litterally opposing factions. It should just be Monster Riders. Maybe start tacking "Capcom's" at the front of you're so worried about recognition.

  15. Wasn't this game poorly received in Japan because of the unfair gacha?

  16. Where is the Playstation version of this spinoff series?

  17. One year later and still there is not an American version. Well, i guess that will never happen.

  18. Gatcha hunter riders, fuck I hate these kinds of game I rather pay full price than dealing with this mobile crap

  19. please add all moveings and weapons to MH Stories2

  20. So is this mhs:2 or will this be another thing…?

  21. Istg if magnamalo ain’t in here I’m gonna cry I NEED him as a monstie

  22. So how do they explain that the monsters are friends with someone who wares their fellow monsters skin and bones like clothing?

  23. Put 250+ hours into stories 2, the pvp is soo fun, but their is no tier ranking system, no seasons, tournaments, nothing to work toward, really hoping sense this is mobile they will expand the pvo system. Just hope there arent a lot of microtransactions. Can't wait.

  24. No wonder why there's no DLC for rise capcom's out here destroying the franchise

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