Monster Hunter Rise - 2.0 Launch - Nintendo Switch -

Monster Hunter Rise – 2.0 Launch – Nintendo Switch

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The #MonsterHunterRise Update Ver. 2.0 is now live! This update adds fearsome new monsters, new Event Quests, Layered Armor, and more!

Get hunting today:

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  1. Welp, looks like I gotta get Nintendo Online again.

  2. Has trouble fight Apex Azuros*
    Capcom: Now here's Apex Rathalos and Diablos!

  3. Oh no….Kushala is back… Suddenly my chest hurts

  4. Damn let someone finish the game first. Lol

  5. This game still sucks. Monster hunter the worst franchise ever

  6. Can we get tomodachi life on the switch pls. Like if you agree 🥺

  7. Cool. Bought the game barely play lol

  8. Is Capcom the new CD Projekt Red?

  9. Literally my only problem with this video is they used Teostra's boring music to showcase all three of the classic elder dragons, despite Chameleos and Kushala having far better themes.

  10. guess its a good thing I have yet to open the game yet, by the time I play it, I would get to experience all the new content from the beginning.

  11. Still waiting for ZELDA Anniversary… 🤗😘🙏
    Please make a remake of Oracle / Seasons with Capcom.

  12. Make wii sports on the switch please

  13. Awesome Monster Hunter Rise 2.0 Launch Video.

  14. Hey Nintendo you know in July there’s going to be another game called little devil inside and the platforms are Nintendo Switch and Wii U

  15. Can't wait for them to release even tougher monsters like Great Jagras

  16. Does anyone wants tomodachi life on switch too?

  17. it’d be cool if Rise had an actual storyline like World did. 🙁

  18. Idc bout that I wanna talk with friends on a mic!!!

  19. after update my switch froze like
    i tried turning off but it FROZE

  20. You could say they made… Apex legends…

  21. You gotta bring Deviljho back in the game. None of these monsters are scaring me.

  22. The only thing that will make me scream is if they bring back the desert whales

  23. As a fan of chameleons, I approve of this update.

  24. For anyone one annoyed by Kushala Daora, I highly recommend crafting the Chameleos Hunting Horn and laugh as you negate almost everything Kushala Daora does for your entire team.

  25. Ayy love the monster hunter love nintendo!

  26. Capcom please this is awesome. Please give us back ceadus, or helios armor, or both! Love the game you guys are doing amazing!!!!

  27. All the monsters were too easy with very little reward still fun but not much of a challenge for veteran players wish they would add more monsters at a time or more challenging versions it gets old quick when you can solo these monsters faster than with 4 players

  28. monster hunter designer: mhm lets add wings into some lizzard that doesn't make sense and make it 4x harder

  29. For his neutral special, he wields a gun says:

    Great, now I have to suffer one more month until my birthday so my mom finally lets me buy this game

  30. These monsters are pile driving each other. Lol

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