Monster Hunter Rise - Announce Trailer | Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows, Game Pass, PS5, PS4 -

Monster Hunter Rise – Announce Trailer | Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows, Game Pass, PS5, PS4

Monster Hunter
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The gates to Kamura are opening up for even more Hunters! Monster Hunter Rise comes to Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows, Game Pass, PS5, and PS4 on Jan 20!

The massive expansion, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, launches in Spring 2023.

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  1. I've been waiting so long to hear thud news, thank you for this ❤️ ♥️

  2. Why there's no crossplay when everything looks compatible on surface?

  3. Is there a physical edition or just digital?

  4. They have to have cross play now right???

  5. Wait a minute that means we might get better quality since it's supported with th Xbox and PlayStation the monsters can even look a bit more realistic like how World graphics did it

  6. This just tells me theyre gonna announce a new game soon lmao

  7. Matheus Henrique Gonçalves Santos Gonçalves Santos says:

    Price pls

  8. Monster Hunter World is one of my favorite games ever. But Iceborne was a real disappointment for me. It didn't feel like the game I used to love and play anymore, especially because of the clutch claw and over powered builds in online. I haven't played MH like for a year rn. I really want to give MH Rise a chance but most monsters are the same ones in MH World and graphics are not that good. I heard gameplay improved and of course there are new maps but I wonder if it worths it. I wonder if this game can bring my old feelings back for MH which were ruined by Iceborne? Can someone who played this from Switch enlighten me?

  9. Capcom: we made tons of money with this game on Switch! Now lets make ten times more on every other console!
    Me: yeah, sure guys, take my money

  10. I think cross play will only come on next title they announce possibly next year.

  11. How about you stop with the micro-transaction bullshit, this game looks like a fkin gambling site and not a game at this point.

  12. Great now i can throw my switch out; treat your fans better nintendicks

  13. Well, there goes all my progress on SWITCH ! I'm going to start over on xbox series X it will be MASSIVE

  14. Cant wait to try it on my Xbox via gamepass 🤩

  15. This is great news! Please be cross play.
    Playing a co op game from Nintendo to Xbox would be incredible!!

  16. Dear Capcom, I want to pay you money to buy MH Rise in PS5 to play with my bois.
    But you don't offer us Cross Save or Cross Play, so how do I support your other platform?
    Please add this feature, Thanks

  17. We will wait for Monster Hunter World 2

  18. Fuk u Capcom I spend alot of time on the switch and grind if you can't do a crossplay nor transferring fave file idk ima loose it. It should've been done after the release on rise for a few months. Fuk u capcom

  19. This is not fair to true fans who have already been playing this game.

  20. I hope it will run well on the series s. Monster Hunter world is absolutely blurry and not enjoyable at all on that console unfortunately….

  21. It would be amazing if there was crossplay

  22. WTFUUUUUUMINGBAZELGUIZE! I should have just waited for the ps5! I love nintendo for zelda and some handful games but the constant frame drops on switch with MH sunbreak just cant give the same satisfaction as MH Iceborne did….. fck can u give us an option to port our account at least…

  23. Can we also get monster hunter generation ultimate as well? Doesn't need a graphics update, I'd appreciate playing it without setting up my switch to play it when I want to rise on my xbox

  24. Alucard AKA THE BOMBASTIC BACHELOR OF B###### says:

    I was gonna say no cross-save is a deal breaker, but day one game pass is so awesome lol

  25. I had it for the Switch since release but never played it since all my friends are Playing PS5

    Now we finally get to hunt together again

  26. What resolution will be supported for the Series S??

  27. Fuck the cross save and cross play. I'm just glad I can finally play it at 60fps with better graphics than what I had on switch. It looked rough as with the terrible jagged edges

  28. very smart play now MH is going to get a ton of new fans!

  29. So no retail release for consoles? Saved my money. Thanks Capcom

  30. Also we want to be fighting monsters underwater


  32. I hope that this will open doors for cross play and cross save on future franchise titles, expanding the already loyal player base. This also allows monster hunter to ultimately make a title that will last beyond 2 years by setting up regular updates like MMOs. Dauntless is the only competitor if you would call it that, but if anyone can use that idea to its full potential of regular updates, it's capcom.

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