Monster Hunter Rise - Announcement Trailer -

Monster Hunter Rise – Announcement Trailer

Monster Hunter
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Introducing Monster Hunter Rise, a brand new take on the Monster Hunter experience, coming to Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021.

Team up and save Kamura village from the impending “Rampage”! Harness the new Wirebug hunting tool and enlist the help of Palicoes, and Palamutes, your new Canyne companions!

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  1. My boyfriend is literally obsessed with this game

  2. this dont looks like monster hunter anymore , the update is too much

  3. Meh, wont buy this as a switch exclusive. No way im gonna pay for online gaming as a service.
    Had it so good with MHW pc, but this will be a no-go

  4. Hello, Capcom! The game is wonderful. I'm totally addicted <3

    Thank you very much for this work of art.

    I would like to make some bug notes and things that can be added to further improve the game experience:


    1) When Rathian flies away and the aim is locked on her, the game returns a strange noise as if the aim is trying to turn on and off. This happens when you set the Camera Style setting to "Focus Camera".

    2) Sometimes, and I don't know why, the gyro reticle stay activated while riding a Palamute. I use gyro aim activated only for Wirebugs and aim for ranged weapons.

    3) One of the control inputs for Lance is not correct. In the Power Guard part it says: "Press [ZR + A] while charging Counter-thrust […]", when in fact this is the input for Counter-Thrust itself. The correct one would be "Press [B] – crouching button – while in Counter-Thrust stance/pose […] or better, Crouch by pressing [B] while keeping the ZR pressed in the Counter stance to Power Guard […]"

    4) Sometimes some inputs seemed to have a certain delay, but as this is a demo, I imagine theres many things will be improved in the final evrsion 🙂


    – HD Rumble support (we just need it)

    – where are the audiovisual indicators of the guard points? There is no feedback from the GPs, but there has always been in the franchise. please don't take that off. Why take off the audiovisual hints for GP? please, dont.

    – It seems kind of obvious and logical, but adding an Amaterasu (Okami) skin for the Palamutes is something everyone expects. Palamute's long-distance attacks (shots) and the whip-like-kinda-furious doggo attack, they could use Ammy's weapon, The Rosary. COME ON!

    – This is a UNIQUE opportunity to also add a Wolf Link Palamute skin (Zelda Twilight Princess) and, of course, Midna skin for the Palicos. Just PLEASE !!! All Nintendo fans wanna see Midna riding Wolf Link again <3

    – Why not keep the mechanics rolling and climb the MHGenUlt wall? It could be reprogrammed so that, while the weapon is stored, roll [B] towards the wall, then press [R] to start wallrun (it would be a gamechanger and add dynamics to battles, involving walljumps, wirehanging, serious ninja-sort of attacks, etc.). ..), it's a nice touch, as the game has a "ninja" atmosphere and the walls are all scalable;

    – This one os very importante! PLEASE add directional dodges (sideways and backwards) for the Palamutes when we are riding them. It would help immensely to reposition (like Beast Legion from Astral Chain) and make the movement even more fluid.

    – Thanks for bringing new types of monsters back. Please give us third and fourth generation monsters and less dinosaurs (Royal Ludroth and Mizutsune are leviathans, does that mean Lagiacrus and Agnaktor, RIGHT? <3, Seltas Queen, Nerscylla, Najarala, Zamtrios, Gore Magala, Valstrax, Gammoth, Glavenus , Astalos, Brachydios, Malfestio), please BRING EVERYONE BACK! This game deserves it.

    (Sorry for my english)

  5. Is the series finally ACTUALLY open-world, or is it still tiny areas with loading screens to transition between them?

  6. Your telling that not only do I have an annoying ass cat but a bad ass dog as well
    Cap on always finds a way

  7. Me: Cool!!!!
    The fact I dont have switch: NO
    Me: cries

  8. Well boys, its been fun being able to play monster hunter on the ps4. Have fun you nintendo hunters

  9. Thats the only reason to buy the switch special edition

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  11. Wow that's so cool Capcom. Is this on PS4/PS5 too?

  12. Honestly, towards the end when they show the twin girls, i first thought they were miracle mil and caty, the two singing girls from generations ultimate. Lowkey, kinda wish they did that, would’ve been a nice callback.

  13. I'm bored, my bad I know I should go do something. You ever feel like hungry and clouded omg I'm a mess I'm done I'm going cya

  14. Does anyone get the sense we may be getting ai hunters this time around ? Focus on the sisters makes me think that !

  15. Only one month left. We are almost there boys!
    Edit: 2 weeks now.

  16. Alright.. so..
    Monster Hunter seems like it's right up my alley.. and the first one I tried was World.. and no matter how hard I tried.. it just wasn't for me.. I felt like it was to multiplayer centric.
    Is World representative of the series or should I give the series another go?

  17. Hope there’s an option to turn off the annoying voice lines when I’m hunting.

  18. So its confirmed for PC now. Better graphics, 60+ fps and free multiplayer with dedicated servers. Aside from the 1 year wait, there is literally no reason to play it on a tablet with drifting controls

  19. Who's here after the PC release confirmation? 🙂

  20. No longer a SWITCH EXCLUSIVE…
    I'll take my "thumbs up" back.

  21. Tell me how can switch exclusive can come to the pc

  22. i know this is dumb but i think capcom can make a monster hunter rise in mobile device, leave a comment below maybe we can talk more about monster hunter rise and mobile gaming 🙂

  23. Here after the PC port announcement! I'm so happy that more people in the MH community and newcomers will be able to play Rise! Especially for that could not afford a switch, I'm really happy that many more people can enjoy this game. I, for one, can't stop watching this video because I'm ecstatic as hell to play it

  24. Can't just monsters and humans live in harmony I mean I like the game and all it's great it's based on japan in the past

  25. è arrivato … il magazzino dei film …

    molti film fantastici e buoni,

    Sono sicuro che non te ne pentirai una volta effettuato l'accesso, volevo solo condividerlo con tutti voi.

    The Gentlemenмеханізм, який ми

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    Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre.??



  26. Here about 20 days before the game is released, looking at this first trailer, I am very impressed how much the MH team were able to optimize their game. You can see very big lag spikes here just from jump compared to the demo and recent trailer, it's run so smooth and looks fantastic! I very impressed by this game and I am so hyped to play it on day 1!(Definitely getting the pc port as well!!)

  27. Wait, the hunters first words were…

    aW tHaTs My PuP


  29. Twenty more days


    I can't wait

  30. It took me until the very day i write this comment to realize that the theme playing throughout most of the video was Magnamalo's theme

  31. Ok, Monster Hunter/ CAPCOM Developers. I have a request for this game as DLC or something to think about for the future. I am a real big fan of pole arm weapons, especially two handed long spears. I am a new player to the monster hunter games and i could not help but notice that there is not any weapon that fits that criteria in the Monster Hunter series. The two handed spear is one of the most used primitive hunting weapons through out history and its not in this game? You have a One handed Lance and Shield, One handed Gun Lance and Shield , and Arial Two handed Insect Glaive. Insect glaive would be the closest to my request. However, The weapon is way to arial based and way to gimmicky with the insect. I HATE insects. Any ways, PLEASE put a two handed spear with no shield or Insect. You can call it the "LONG SPEAR". It can have decent mobility, medium speed, and it can have really cool charge up powerful thrust combos.(like the skills in FF14 for Lance/Spear called Disembowel or True Thrust). Although instead of being mainly arial or mainly ground/land based, it can be a hybrid? Maybe it could be mainly ground/land based but it would have arial wire bug abilities? I NEED THIS PLEASE CAPCOM! I WOULD ENJOY THIS GAME SO MUCH MORE IF THIS WEAPON EXISTED IN THE MONSTER HUNTER FRANCHISE!

  32. am I the only one that thinks this game looks absolutely dated and hideous? I know it's a switch game but they could've done better

  33. I think ( beside the Zelda fan base) this game will get the most attention then any other switch game

  34. Capcom, I love you guys, but it's a bit of a jerk move to go Nintendo exclusive and only support a PC port. Wait to give the middle finger to us PS4/5, Xbox S/X players.

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