Monster Hunter Rise by JalBagel in 1:09:29 - Summer Games Done Quick 2022 -

Monster Hunter Rise by JalBagel in 1:09:29 – Summer Games Done Quick 2022

Games Done Quick
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Runner introduction starts at 0:07
Run starts at 2:23
Kungfufruitcup interviews SpootyBiscuit and WinDEU at 1:20:35
Commentary is provided by dj_j0nny and greenspeed
CovertMuffin is host

This speedrun was recorded during Summer Games Done Quick 2022, a week long charity speedrun marathon raising money for Doctors Without Borders. Summer Games Done Quick 2022 is just one of the many charity marathons organized by Games Done Quick. For more information on Summer Games Done Quick 2022, find us at:

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  1. Monster Hunter is one of the best game series in the world and I'm so happy to see such an incredible run for such a good cause. Such a memorable moment for the community, much love to Jalbagel and everyone else involved!

  2. Didn't know this game had AI manipulation. Not a speedrunner, but I may just have to try some manipulation myself…

  3. This was AMAZING! Fun commentary, and hitting that huge milestone was sick

  4. Hopefully this opens the door for more monster hunter village quest speed runs

  5. Holy crap never expected to see MH Rise at GDQ. So cool that it made it in. Love this game and the expansion is amazing too.

  6. I had no idea you could even speedrun this game

  7. ooohh, nice, I didn't expect to see that….. was just about to play a little sunbreak, but r n this seems very intersting to me ^^

  8. I hope we get to see a Monster hunter Freedom speedrun in the future

  9. Is fast travel fanfare skip faster than hanging fanfare skip?

  10. Very nice run of an awesome game with amazing commentary. Really enjoyable, keep it up

  11. I had no idea you could smoothly link Soaring Wyver Blade into an attack like that. I've always cancelled the recovery with a roll and then used Switch Charger from there. I learned something! I honestly didn't even expect this would be a Switch Axe run.

  12. My philosophy on Loot Randy:
    If you're getting good loot in the beginning of a run, then you'll get less good loot at the end of one.

  13. I'm definitely giving Switch Axe another try after watching this. It's really hard for me to let go of Insect Glaive's mobility

  14. Monster Hunter is love, Monster Hunter is life

  15. This is the one thing i always had in the back of my mind but always dissmiss it as being impossible

  16. me starting the video: "but is he gonna get evade extender 3 for fast travel tho??"

  17. I feel like everyone had the same reaction to this. If you were watching live or seeing this pop up on youtube: "Wait, they're running a Monster Hunter game in SGDQ? Well thats awesome :D" even the donations were saying that XD

  18. the fact even speedrunners mess up coloring their hair in monhun is cathartic

  19. I'm not sure if he explained in the stream, but why pitfall instead of shock?

  20. Dropping a comment to see more Monster Hunter at GDQ events!

  21. Awesome video! You should try speed running the original PS2 game lol

  22. What a fantastic run to introduce MonHun to GDQ!

  23. Looks super cool but i'm still prefer MH: World. But True fans of series says that MH2 is the best.

  24. Capcom: reuses a monster
    Fans: hey look, a Kuluyaku! Cool reference!

  25. What's most interesting that the not even break the game it's just mechanics they abuse

  26. “Say hi to Utsushi he’s pretty” I can already tell this is gonna be so good

  27. Now all we need is Monster Hunter World (No Defender of course, gotta be fun right?)

  28. Love the Monster Hunter series, and it's neat to see one of them as a speedrun. Also, switch axe for life!

  29. 46:44 he claims he saves all of the animals when he already butchered a lot xD

  30. How come you don't use the restock hotkey? Or save a load out and use that hotkey?

  31. You can skip fanfare animation when hanging in the air with a wirebug also

  32. Me after beating barioth in monster hunter rise "how", me in monster hunter world iceborn still didnt defekt it.😢

  33. Pls GDQ from now on more MH games, it's taken way 2 long to have 1 of the greatest franchises & communities in gaming history ❤

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