Monster Hunter Rise - Launch Trailer | Nintendo Switch -

Monster Hunter Rise – Launch Trailer | Nintendo Switch

Monster Hunter
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Hunt a magnitude of mythical monsters, master all-new hunting techniques and save Kamura Village from the impending Rampage!

#MHRise is available now on Nintendo Switch!

Our first free Title Update marks the return of Chameleos, the debut of Apex Rathalos, and various other monsters! Coming late April.

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  1. Thanks for going back to Nintendo guys. Not like I was wanting to play rise or anything

  2. Several new monsters too? Well i like the sound of that, hopefully not all of them are small monsters if any at all?

  3. now that i think on it did capcom even say exactly how many monster would get added in this first update ?

  4. I wish I knew the rank requirement for the apex rathalos is so im neither too powerful or too weak for it

  5. why is it not on pc? what is the point in excluding another platform. i enjoyed the other monster hunter game but i guess i won't be playing this

  6. Where. Is. Lagiacrus. He. Is. A. Good. Flagship. Bring. The. Boy. In. The. Next. Few. Updates.

  7. Best Datting Click 🔽



    來調味食物煮的時候 1617222925

  8. That rathalos does not move like any other rathalos in the game, look at his wings and neck its has animations not normally seen in a rathalos previously.
    Im scared.

  9. I hope they have a G rank expansion in the future with all elder dragons and monster then this would be the best monster hunter game in all of monster hunter series

  10. I mean super smash bros ultimate got all fighters in smash history so rise sould do all monsters in monster hunter

  11. i was about to say that i wish it had a smaller learning curve so that more people could make videos on it but then i watched a xQc play it and i remembered that watching other new players play a game that i really and joy and play well makes me so unreasonably angry.

  12. This is not monster hunter anymore 😥😥😥

  13. This monhunt feel like a race game, hope capcom add more biger map

  14. Add monster hunter rise on the Xbox and PS4

  15. Make apex monsters available outside of rampage quests they suck!

  16. 20$ of day 1 dlc and unfinished game that literally ends in a cliffhanger and delayed content? what

  17. So not only do apex monster not give cool new gear and armor, but it’s only playable through rampage? This is zorah magna all over again. Extremely disappointing

  18. When more updates start coming out they should bring back Valstrax

  19. WORST MH I ever played! A fucking LR Rathalos got me carted? Using lance? So: I got back to World/Iceborn, hunted a LR Rath with the same LR-set, Barroth, neutral to fire, guard 2, attack 2, defense 1, krit eye 1, decent LR lance and wiped the floor with that creature. Even World/Iceborn with all its flaws, bad hitboxes, unfair damage system, is not that bad and way more fun. 🙁

  20. A lowrank Diablos hits as hard as a G-rank Diablos in Iceborn, and I was hunting it with a fully upgraded LR-Diablos set and a decent Lance. But: In G-rank you have your set with all the skills you want, guard 5, evade extender, minds eye, masters touch… While LR-sets are hot trash. So its even harder. This game is unbalanced GARBAGE. Only 25% of the people who got World did buy Iceborn outside of Japan? Even less people will buy the G-rank expansion for Rise! This game is TRASH. 🙁

  21. Pls add Link Champion tunic armor to Monster Hunter Rise we want Link and his wolf 🐺 dlc

  22. I am tempted to play World again, all the way to Xenovija, but with Lance and Gunlance instead of Greatsword and Dual Blades, only to see if the story gameplay is nearly as unbalanced and frustrating as Rise. I only play this trash because you can play it handheld, anywhere, anytime. I would not waste a minute of my time playing this shit on TV. Worst MH I ever played.

  23. this brings me so much comfort after watching the live action movie

  24. My Nintendo Switch has no internet (or terrible internet). About what percentage of the game requires good constant internet connection?

  25. after RISE released, Iceborne server so bad, got Disconnected a lot. This is so abominable

  26. its good that's coming to pc, less and less i will be intended to buy anything from nintendo ever again.
    all tho i dont like the oriental mood they gave to the monsters, but whatever.

  27. CRAPCOM – you need fix the typos in this game. Look at Master Utsushii's Challenges Parts 1-3. They are all wrong for the monsters pictured. Also, what the hell is a 'dando'?
    By the way, the 'R' in your name was not a typo.

  28. Can you do a review of the Nintendo Switch accessory Nextemplo? I'd like to see it.

  29. Hopefully the PC Port in 2021 will have better optimization then the first one thats on steam!

  30. Kinda wish they’d do more with world but it be what it be

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