Monster Hunter Rise - Steam / PC Trailer [4K/60fps] -

Monster Hunter Rise – Steam / PC Trailer [4K/60fps]

Monster Hunter
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Take your hunting to new heights with #MHRise, coming to Steam on January 12, 2022!

This critically acclaimed co-op Action RPG elevates the series with brand new gameplay features, such as your new buddy Palamutes, the versatile Wirebugs, Switch Skills, Wyvern Riding, and the all-new quest type, the Rampage!

The Steam version will come a variety of optimizations for PC, including 4K, High-Res Textures, Uncapped Framerates, 21:9 Ultrawide Support, and more!

Try out the Monster Hunter Rise Demo on Steam starting October 13, 2021.

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Monster Hunter Rise is available now on Nintendo Switch:

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  1. muy repetitivos ,esto es como el fifa o el pokemon es todo lo mismo…… caro para lo que ofrece

  2. How bad it looks on switch after hundreds of hours playing world, is what it's so hard for me to get into playing it. This right here 💯💯

  3. fck off… bought for the switch caus i thought there was no pc release.. now im salty never buying games on the switch again. its not worth it. I played stories with 15 fps on switch.

  4. If your comment is either of the following a) why did they make me buy on switch if PC version is coming or b) it's worse than world.
    then you are a simpleton.

  5. Superior version finally on its way…finally, been waiting too long to play this

  6. Please check out the survey and ask for Cross Play and/or Cross Save/Progression!!!!

  7. No cross save…. what a way to say fk you guys "fans" guess I won't be buying the PC port

  8. I can't wait NOT to play with my Switch & PC friends at the same time. Thanks Capcom 😀

  9. I regret buying the switch version and owning a switch

  10. Got rise recently, but I never beat world iceborne fully. I beat the main story but never did stuff like alstreon and fatalis- should I go back and beat world or keep playing rise?

  11. Even though it's in real 2K (not 4K) resolution, it still looks like shit, i feel like i'm playing an old MH from the PS2 era, they were great for that time but, that was around 15 years ago, for today's standards, it is a big step back, graphically speaking, gameplay-wise, it's underwhelming as the character movements feel stiff and limited when compared to the masterful MHW. Although i give props to the fact that it is a somewhat nice scaled-up port, considering it's from a really underpowered and inferior platform.
    Veredict: 6/10 worth playing the demo, definitely not worth the pre-purchase, if you want it, wait until it drops in price (for about 50% – 60% off).

  12. I can’t See a difference…
    But I am excited to see the mods people make- even if I won’t ever get to try them

  13. Can anyone convince me on buying it?
    Because I already have Monster Hunter World; I get it that there's new stuff in this one, but I don't see any major reason on why I would need this over MHW except for the new monsters and mechanics

  14. Hopefully you can mute the characters?… This would get extremely annoying… As it is the little cheers after eating are incredibly annoying. Does anybody know if you'll be able to mute players?

  15. Espero monster hunter rise en ps4 o ps5,harán un buen trabajo.

  16. Even if its not cross-play, as long as its cross-save I would have bought the game again on PC and continue my progress. Its like you are asking us to pay not only MONEY again but our TIME as well, for the game, which is a luxury. I don't want to repeat all the TIME spent farming, Capcom. I hope you realize this.

  17. The game shown in the trailer is definitely not the one that you get with the demo. The demo looks almost nothing like this, which is fine. Just felt odd booting it up and maxing everything out, only for it to not look much different. Texture load-in is also a tad bugged; a "grid" effect is pretty noticeable when moving the camera around the world, too.

  18. Cons of PC version:
    Voice chat

    I'm sorry I will go now

  19. Why is this game not on Xbox yet? But it’s in the switch and pc now?

  20. Cross-save, Cross-save, Cross-save, Cross-save! Please and thank you!!

  21. This is coming at a perfect time. Okay 210 hours I have finally completed MHW iceborne storyline and almost all the side quests, just started end game guiding lands grinding. This new one looks neat and I'm glad to see the quality upgrade from the OG version of this on switch, really hate switch graphics. Can't wait to slay them beasts!

  22. Is it me or is the game getting easier?
    Why all those invulnerable moves?
    If the next game is like that, I'm gonna give up on MH titles & consider MHW: Iceborne to be the last proper MH game.

  23. A question from the village idiot here boys and gals. Is RISE an expansion from Iceborne where we can use the same characters or a NEW game where we need to start from scratch? I just5 started playing MHW like a month and a half ago and I love it but, wanted to get the sense if we need to start from basic gear and so. Thanks

  24. finally, thought we would have to wait til Q3 2022 for this!!

  25. Jan 12 is my birthday lol, ordered deluxe for myself 🙂

  26. I'm sorry. I'm a major MH fan. Logged over 30,000hrs in series. I can't play Rise. Its to flashy, arcadey, and made game to easy. Am I the only one seeing this? The voices during combat I hope it stops with this version. Hope all have fun playing it.

  27. 5 more hours till download time, i really hope there's no dumb handlers lol

  28. Capcom: Plays proof of a hero.

    Me: My wallet is yours.

  29. I'm confused… Everything about this looks like a downgrade from monster hunter world.

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