Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak - A New Frontier -

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – A New Frontier

Monster Hunter
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Venture into a lush locale, the Jungle, as your quest to save the Kingdom brings you face to face with dangerous new monsters.

Plus, sneak a glimpse at what awaits you beyond #Sunbreak’s launch on June 30th with our first free title update…

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak arrives on Nintendo Switch on June 30, 2022.

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  1. I just realized something… Gore magala and Rajang are in the same game… Again…


  2. i'm a sucker for mh. the base game was slightly disappointing content wise but still fun af. gunna cop. hopefully a lot more content.

  3. A new frontier. I just fucking got the pun. I'm a MHFrontier revival translator, I should have fucking gotten it immediately.

  4. Still trying to finish mhw iceborne ….still alil ways to finishing mh rise but still I'm getting that sunbreak dlc idc

  5. is it me or the monster in this trailer are pretty big

  6. I hope they re-introduce Gravios, Galvenus and Monoblos as well.

  7. Gore is finally in the fifth generation. Gimme that sweet, sweet EDGE!

  8. Rise: Copy and pasted MHW with a few new monsters
    Sunbreak: Copy and pasted MHG/MH4 with a few new monsters

  9. I am so happy they are bringing espinas to the main series he is an amazing monster who was supposed to be added for freedom 2 but was cancelled I'm so glad they brought him in now because he deserves I personally don't like frontier but I love espinas so much I also love that he is getting a turf war with kushala which is an elder dragon espinases are know to fight and usually win against

  10. 2:55 ah good, i get to be a good hunter in both meanings, well, time to prove my worth in the waking world!

  11. Sunbreak is basically Capcom telling the MH community yes. Return of a old map? Yes. New monsters? Got them. A Frontier monster? Sure, here you go. You want one of the most beloved flagship monsters? Of course. A bunch of free updates coming basically every two months? You got it.

    Just shut up and take my money already Capcom!

  12. Um can you guys fix the awards: Copper, Silver, Gold ecologist doesn't show up even after taking a picture of every single one?

  13. I hope they don't make Gore Magala easy. Mf isn't even in the final form and still kicked everyone's ass in MH4U

  14. Bet now I get to fight Espinas in HD only thing I need is muh tonfas and magnet spike

  15. I was really on the fence about Sunbreak. Rise brought great ideas to the table but had plenty of issue with execution. That, and we hadn't seen much of this expansion and it's not like European style fantasy is lacking in quantity.

    But damn, my favorite monster of all time, my favorite RARE species of all time, one of the most iconic frontier fights, the Jungle map, AND promises of continued support? I'm back on the train! When the whole MH dev team comes together for expansions (i.e. 3U, 4U, Iceborne) they shine! Here's hoping to a great expansion.

  16. Comically-long Spit Take

  17. You have no idea how happy I am to see gore magala return to monster hunter, I’m still screaming about it.

  18. Did everyone skip the part where they revealed a turf war between kushala and espinas of all things?

  19. I'm so hyped but I'm still holding out hoping that we can have Gammoth and Glavenus back. I want my Fated Four!

  20. Recently got into mhgu and after fighting astalos I'm already excited to see his return

  21. Ah yes, the return of Based Magala – I missed you buddy

  22. smile and wave, until ofc we see glavenus, then we stand up and shout to the heavens!

  23. Love how they put all that cinematic around Gore Magala but then its just like meh heres Espinas too. Do they not realize how big that is?

  24. Gore Magala is back from retirement, wow! Well, I can't say if that's good or mostly bad especially if he learned new tricks which I am sure he did….


  26. I've purchased every Character Edit Voucher from the Nintendo online shop, not realizing I wouldn't be able to purchase anymore after that point. I've used the one free one as well. I don't really agree with having to pay to edit my character after already purchasing the game, but regardless, I've done it.

    I almost immediately noticed a flaw with my character design upon entering the game.

    I've purchased all of these Edit Vouchers, and have even pre-ordered Sunbreak. I just ask for 1 or 2 more Edit Vouchers. I almost have my character the way I want her, but I'm unable to change these small flaws that I'm not happy with. I'll pay for them again if I must.

    I've put a lot of time into my character. I can't see how my character's actually going to look in game, until after I use the Edit Voucher, and then go and look.

    I'd like to please not have to wait until the end of June, if you do plan on adding more Character Edit Vouchers then. My character name in game is Malgestyl, if anything can be done. Thank you.

  27. I'd also appreciate the function of being able to delete layered armor for my character, palico, and palamute. There are certain sets I regret getting, and now they just take up unnecessary space.

  28. Dalamadur or dire miralis coming back in sunbreak?

  29. I wonder how they are gonna acknowledge the lore. Like if this species of the Magalas is a surviving member.

  30. This has to be one of the best trailers of MH history. It was one bomb reveal after the other: Jungle, Espinas, the freaking Gore, Forlorn Tower, Lucent Narwa, a super promising roadmap… Every long-time fan of the series was losing its shit while watching this, and for good reasons.
    Thank you MH devs, really.

  31. The Free Title Update 2 silhouettes look like Espinas and Mizutsune… maybe Rare Species Espinas? and Soulseer Mizutsune? O.o

  32. Why the hunters constantly being knocked back in these trailers?… It makes the gameplay look more stale than it really is.

  33. Give us Monster hunter frontier on Switch!!!!

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