Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak - The Game Awards Teaser -

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – The Game Awards Teaser

Capcom USA
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Chilling new monsters and mysterious characters beckon you to a land of perilous adventure: Elgado!

Monster Hunter Rise: #Sunbreak, launches Summer 2022.

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  1. Маша маш пила квас їла борщ

  2. Суп сиром спасіня від Гітлера

  3. Оно сдавайзя гандам переможе street fighter v

  4. Признавайся final fantasy круче dragon dogma

  5. Путін шукає зеленого чоловічка у виді капком квас що бункер

  6. Mmmmmm good wolf for the amazing Game
    Capcom Tournament.

  7. Considering the original Japanese character from Street Fighter and the American counterpart those in the game are airborne when they do their spin kick I think I should also hit at the overhead think I'll make the game way more interesting obviously the female character that plays exactly like the original Japanese character in fact I think every character that has a special move this considered a bonus action band as overhead if I figured personally sucked for the Russian wrestler who doesn't really have a move that is considered an Airborne attack but no one in the fighting game Community likes that character anyway LOL

  8. Would be nice if they the crouching Hard Punch was no longer an anti-air like it currently is for a lot of the players for example guile or something like that I know my personal favorite characters also have it I almost never use it to be honest and in fact I despise using it that's why I never use it I despise any player that actually uses that to be honest but that's besides the point would like to see a crashing A Hard Punch sweep you know maybe it could be similar to Raiden in Mortal Kombat 11 where he does a standing sweep that I hit slow you know I pictured the karate chop to the leg kind of being a universal karate chop to the leg for every character in the game but you know what that way when they do crouching Hard Punch you know it's a sweet now instead of you do an Empire I think that will also make the game way more interesting there's never really been a standing karate chop move that knocks his down but it will kind of be Universal to the entire cast but you know I think the game will be better off that way because you know when it comes to special moves in the game I kind of understand that they have the priority and all the things that they do you know so you can't just avoid it altogether some seems to still be in the game very rare though but it makes perfect sense when I look at the the logic behind it while they make the moves the way they do because if not you can just jump out of anything and encounter them in the game would not be fun you know it takes away all the fun and all the dynamic and all the strategies of it so I really do understand why they made a lot of the decisions that they do

  9. Sure hope we get; Savage Deviljho, Hellfire Galvenus, Raging Brachydios, Nergigante or even Ruiner Nergigante, Lagiacrus, Vaal Hazak, Great Jaggi, and Odogaron. Maybe even Seething Bazelgeuse.

  10. capcom, please put the dmc devil may cry ps4 on sale please. I'm looking to buy it.

  11. No one cares about Monster Hunter Capcom. Stop making these shitty games

  12. i cant wait tobplay this game on steam and i think the new hub arwa aka village is going to be more medieval britian wibe

  13. This monster looks similar to the two wolf monsters from monster hunter frontier. I hope to see frontier monsters in the main games someday.

  14. guess they are going full castlevania, when i saw the dracula dragon i thought they would use Zinogre or Odogaron to represent the werewolf, but they are actually bringing new monsters for that instead, nice.

  15. MH Rise Sunbreak has a halloween feel to it, the two new monsters seem like they have a vampire and werewolf ascetic to them, also please capcom , put in brachydios

  16. I hope next Street fighther 6 we can to conect combos 2 vs 2 mode gameplay
    and 3 vs 3 to style kof 2003

  17. biggest question is….can i craft her armor?

  18. As much as it is unlikely, my hope is that Ahtal-ka makes a return in post-launch support for Sunbreak, similar to Alatreon or Fatalis in IB. Not only would she fit the bill for a "Frankenstein's monster" type monster, but we know that it's not entirely out of the question considering how doubtful we were that Valstrax would ever appear again.

    Plus the more people who can experience her fight, the better.

  19. I have the feeling that Rondine's outfit will be the starter armor of Sunbreak.

  20. add zenith espinas to sunbreak you know you want to capcom 😛 and tonfa/magnet spike 😛 and estrellian. xP

  21. So what're the chances that the pickle comes back?

  22. In what country will this be released, and when? Summer 2022?

  23. Файтинг монстер хантер должен обогнать праймал райдже

  24. When get special edition mh sunbreak Nintendo switch?

  25. I knew it'd be at Rondine's. Really curious to see if even the monsters will have a more… european-ish twist to them.

  26. MajorRomance - Mjr. Garry Matthews B.Sc. says:

    I want to know why the U.S.A. The government has not sent in troops to overthrow the Communist Dictator in Canada????

  27. The narration with the monsters ecology is so cringe, back in the old Monster Hunter games, I preferred seeing the cgi monsters ecology with no talking. Just seeing the monster do it's thing in the wild. (If you know you know)

  28. I wish Capcom would remaster games & or make new games of God hand, Viewtiful Joe, Onimusha, Darkwatch, Ōkami, Devil Kings, Ghouls 'n Ghosts, War of the Monsters, Clock Tower, Sengoku Basara, Shadow of Rome, DarkStalkers, Breath of Fire Haunting Ground, Breath of Fire, Captain Commando, Bionic Commando,Final Fight, Dragon's Dogma etc.. for change & give more attention to other games of theirs that they haven't touched much in years. Capcom really needs to dig into their legacy games vault and start giving us some quality fan service it's way over due.

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