Monster Hunter Rise - The Game Awards 2020 Trailer -

Monster Hunter Rise – The Game Awards 2020 Trailer

Monster Hunter
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We need you to protect Kamura Village!

Wade through the marshy Flooded Forest and confront new monsters, such as the sleep-inducing Somnacanth and the omnivorous trickster Bishaten!

Monster Hunter Rise Demo coming January 2021.

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  1. I'm even more hyped for this game to release so I can get a full clean version of the new flooded forest theme to listen to.
    it's so good!

  2. Reminds me "Priscilla's song" in the Witcher 3.

  3. Goddamit, shut up and take my money already!!!!!

  4. Never play the games and I am like: Why I cant be the monster for once and destroy everyone on my path.

  5. 1:13 your average longsword user's reaction to the ancient Japanese setting.

  6. I stopped playing MHW ever since I stuck at Behemoth. But, after trying Rise demo, suddenly making me feel like playing the game again.. Repicked MHW with iceborne on pc a few days ago, I could not stopped playing till now. I dont think ill able to play Rise on release(cause Ill not able to buy it release day price, Im broke). But, hey, I still got Iceborne

  7. I'm getting 3rd gen with more Japanese culture vibes !!

    Monster hunter portable 3rd: Am I a joke to you?

  8. Back in my day we used to hunt monsters with our feet

  9. Hello, Capcom! The game is wonderful. I'm totally addicted <3

    Thank you very much for this work of art.

    I would like to make some bug notes and things that can be added to further improve the game experience:


    1) When Rathian flies away and the aim is locked on her, the game returns a strange noise as if the aim is trying to turn on and off. This happens when you set the Camera Style setting to "Focus Camera".

    2) Sometimes, and I don't know why, the gyro reticle stay activated while riding a Palamute. I use gyro aim activated only for Wirebugs and aim for ranged weapons.

    3) One of the control inputs for Lance is not correct. In the Power Guard part it says: "Press [ZR + A] while charging Counter-thrust […]", when in fact this is the input for Counter-Thrust itself. The correct one would be "Press [B] – crouching button – while in Counter-Thrust stance/pose […] or better, Crouch by pressing [B] while keeping the ZR pressed in the Counter stance to Power Guard […]"

    4) Sometimes some inputs seemed to have a certain delay, but as this is a demo, I imagine theres many things will be improved in the final evrsion 🙂


    – HD Rumble support (we just need it)

    – where are the audiovisual indicators of the guard points? There is no feedback from the GPs, but there has always been in the franchise. please don't take that off. Why take off the audiovisual hints for GP? please, dont.

    – It seems kind of obvious and logical, but adding an Amaterasu (Okami) skin for the Palamutes is something everyone expects. Palamute's long-distance attacks (shots) and the whip-like-kinda-furious doggo attack, they could use Ammy's weapon, The Rosary. COME ON!

    – This is a UNIQUE opportunity to also add a Wolf Link Palamute skin (Zelda Twilight Princess) and, of course, Midna skin for the Palicos. Just PLEASE !!! All Nintendo fans wanna see Midna riding Wolf Link again <3

    – Why not keep the mechanics rolling and climb the MHGenUlt wall? It could be reprogrammed so that, while the weapon is stored, roll [B] towards the wall, then press [R] to start wallrun (it would be a gamechanger and add dynamics to battles, involving walljumps, wirehanging, serious ninja-sort of attacks, etc.). ..), it's a nice touch, as the game has a "ninja" atmosphere and the walls are all scalable;

    – This one os very importante! PLEASE add directional dodges (sideways and backwards) for the Palamutes when we are riding them. It would help immensely to reposition (like Beast Legion from Astral Chain) and make the movement even more fluid.

    – Thanks for bringing new types of monsters back. Please give us third and fourth generation monsters and less dinosaurs (Royal Ludroth and Mizutsune are leviathans, does that mean Lagiacrus and Agnaktor, RIGHT? <3, Seltas Queen, Nerscylla, Najarala, Zamtrios, Gore Magala, Valstrax, Gammoth, Glavenus , Astalos, Brachydios, Malfestio), please BRING EVERYONE BACK! This game deserves it.

    (Sorry for my english)

  10. looks less quality than mhw which is older

  11. llegara este juego a xbox ? porque solo esta el monster hunter world

  12. The more i played the demo, the better the game looked and the more i loved the new wire bug and wyvern riding mechanics! I was a lance, bow, ig, ls, cb main in world, this time around I'm gonna main gs and sa, sa in rise is so cool and fun!

    In mh4u i was able to play all weapons, hopefully i can do that again here

  13. My first Monster Hunter game was the Rise demo on the Switch. I found the controls very complicated and frustrating, but I stuck with it. When I finally beat Mizutsune (with the archer), I was very happy and I wanted the full game. Soon after, I preordered it.

  14. 2:10 after the wyvern riding trailer I realise that was a hint to the great baggi and kezu, nice tease, but they are now known

  15. Deixaram de ganhar dinheiro no xbox e ps5 😪

  16. Azuputa madre. Cada vez estoy más ansioso de poder jugar la versión completa. Éxito a todos nosotros en esta nueva entrega de la saga.

  17. I still can't tell if they're gonna properly animate the lip sync for the english version or not

  18. dude, please keep the franchise back on playstation or pc
    i dont want low quality 3d models on switch

  19. K, but here’s the important question, is it coming to a console worth owning?.

  20. I’ve never been excited for anything else as much as I am for Rise

  21. can you guys upload just her singing with that hype moment at 0:53 or at least put it in the main menu of the game i wanna listen to that song all day with that part i beg of you

  22. The camera controls. Please please please, give us the option too switch the dpad and the thumbstick controls. Because of the joy con drift. It's a feature that's in generations already. Please implement this feature it's incredibly necessary.

  23. Me: so… it is Monster Hunter but…
    Capcom: in japan, yes.

    Me: i see…

  24. Game is going to release on PC afterll all, Nintendrones on suic1de watch

  25. i just keep coming back here for the song. if only the demo menu song was a full song

  26. so Capcom made this video as a preparation for the Game Awards, just in case it's going to get it ?

  27. This'll be my first monster hunter ever and the comments are really confusing me lmao

  28. looks like a ps3 game. nintendo is so behind bruh

  29. I love the instrument that plays when the trailer introduces a new monster

  30. C’EST BEAU PUTAIN C’EST BEAU j’ai jamais été aussi heureux d’une annonce pareil 😭😭

  31. You know they got a good thing going when the first thing they show is a beautiful waifu…

  32. it will be unrealistically cool if there is a collaboration with Godzilla in MH Rise

  33. I think this is possibly one of the only redeeming qualities about the Game Awards of 2020! (sorry this is a late comment but I just wanted to point that out)

  34. I expect something like this again at the game awards capcom…

  35. Monster Hunter Rise : Sunbreak – The Game Awards 2021 Trailer 👀

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