Monster Hunter Rise - The Game Awards 2020 Trailer -

Monster Hunter Rise – The Game Awards 2020 Trailer

Monster Hunter
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We need you to protect Kamura Village!

Wade through the marshy Flooded Forest and confront new monsters, such as the sleep-inducing Somnacanth and the omnivorous trickster Bishaten!

Monster Hunter Rise Demo coming January 2021.

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  1. Il ne mancrai plus que ce soit full open world en mode survi et se serait le mieux jeux qui puisse exister

  2. 3:03 DAMN why did she hit that corner like that she disappeared off the screen in like 4 frames 😂😂

  3. Anyone else keep rewinding this trying to get an idea on if they messed up weapon designs again??

  4. can khezu really shock monsters standing in puddles or is that the return of ecology videos? either way I'm hyped

  5. your able to bring your mhm save in this game right? or at least your items? Armor? weapons? i’m new can someone help me out?

  6. Seeing World monsters make a return, I’m really hoping to see my spiky boi nergi come back!

  7. Glad I bought a switch not to long ago. Played monster hunter world on Xbox and it’s great. This looks awesome too!

  8. Is this eventually coming to PC?
    Or am i going to need to buy a switch just for this?

  9. Man I hope this game doesn't run like shit on the switch.

  10. Can't believe this is portable.
    Looks absolutely gorgeous.

  11. I just hope they try to make this 30fps… Unlike certain other first party switch titles.

    (I'm talking about Hyrule Warriors 2)

  12. > Leviathans are back
    Lagi has a shot, don’t fail me capcom. Bring our boy home.

  13. When demo dropping… i cant wait no longer

  14. I’ve never gotten super into Monster Hunter, but this one looks really fun! Visually it’s stunning as well!

  15. The fact this game already got an award it’s just the trailer

  16. Would also be awesome if they brought back odogaron loved that guy

  17. So you're telling me the game looks like THIS on switch????? Amazing graphics!

  18. Okay but that last monster… is from God Eater, don't lie to me.

  19. I hope we get some new weapons! Whether we do or not i'm still gonna buy and play it.

  20. Oooo, the panflutes give visions of final fantasy crystal chronicals..Ooooo im loving it😍 GIVE THIS GAME TO ME NOW. or atleast the demo…lol

  21. This will be my first Monster hunter game well I’ve needed to play the other games in the series to understand this one

  22. My dog is going to hate me because I want to main hunting horn in this game. That's a lot of weight XD

  23. Everything looks great, but I hope the graphics for the PC version will look better as I only have an Xbox and PC and this looks like a bit of a downgrade graphically (obviously since we are going to the switch)

  24. hate the eng voice acting but the rope swinging mechanic and mounts looks interesting. i'll play it if they just give the option to hear it in japanese instead.

  25. You thought 2 Rajang was bad enough?

    How about 5 MONSTERS AT ONCE?!!!

  26. It'd be cool to have a fully open world, like full full. With biomes and sprawling seas where you can actually HUNT the monsters

  27. Khezu is coming back i think

    Welp thats gonna be good

  28. When that one guy said that the monsters are in a "frenzied rage" did anyone else immediately think Gore Magala was the one causing this?

  29. A monkey flying wyvern that throws fruits at you. Nice.

  30. wtf, and only for Nintendo Switch ??? thats sad, very sad.

  31. It’s like a og monster hunter vacation to a beautiful place and fun fights

  32. Only me or does the gameplay look better than the cinematics

  33. I tried the demo ended up raging hard never playing again

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