Monster Hunter Rise - Wyvern Riding Trailer - Nintendo Switch -

Monster Hunter Rise – Wyvern Riding Trailer – Nintendo Switch

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Harness the power of the mightiest monsters with Wyvern Riding! One of the new hunting tactics in Monster Hunter Rise, coming to Nintendo Switch on March 26.

Download the demo on Nintendo eShop and pre-order today:

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  1. I like the monster riding but I do wish it wasn't a total replacement for mounting, just an addition. Using non-wirebug aerials to land hits should still be rewarded imo. Also, I don't like how the bubble debuff works now, staggers are a lot less enjoyable than skittering around like you are on ice like it is in GU.

  2. Wow the monster can finally fight eachother! Nice

  3. Monster hunter rise : inspired by Rattatouille

  4. Tigrex shows up: 😑

    Starts riding Tigrex: 😱

  5. I’m basic and have never played MH and I clicked because I like wyvern riders in FE, so I’m sorry if this sounds dumb, but can you fly one of these guys around and keep it as your pet or is it just to make them easier to kill/kill other monsters?

  6. Oh, god. The upgraded visuals only make Khezu look even more gross

  7. Anyone else besides me want to see goss harag in stories 2 now

  8. If that's a training dummy, I honestly like that addition. Had trouble with certain techniques before and mounting a monster in my past, so I think training dummies could help with that.

  9. Hmm wyvern riding

    Remember monster hunters stories

  10. Lol I bet Monster Hunter will be the next playable character in Super Smash Bros Ultimate in Pack 2!

  11. Insect glave main here, and I just want so say: finally you will know how we feel "je suis Monate"

  12. I don’t even like monster hunter but this making me think I should buy this

  13. Breath of the Wild’s first official cookbook of 600 high levels is pinned to the top of my channel Nintendo just letting you guys know 😍

  14. nintendo can crash join smash? (it's a Request)

  15. I have almost 800 hours into Monster Hunter World and MH Rise is gonna be my most played Switch game.

  16. Really want to get this game but I have never played a previous MH before, do I need to play any of the other previous ones before this one?

  17. I love CAPCOM! It’s amazing game and unbelievable graphics!!! Give my money pls👏👏👏

  18. is it just me or is goss horag basarios head and arzuros body and he also has a sword like glavenus but ice

  19. Never regret about having a Switch cause looks beautiful to me but this is something else

  20. This game is sucks the game désigne is from to 2014

  21. Why does this remind me of the Skylanders swap forces hub

  22. When i first saw goss harag, i thought "Oh God a YETI BEAR!!

  23. Everyone: We can ride wyverns ! We can ride wyverns !
    Me at 2:21: My boy…my boy came back.

  24. Hold up you telling me I can fight a monster with another monster

  25. Se ve interesante la propuesta, me pregunto si aun más grande el mapa que versiones anteriores, ya sería exagerado pedir mareas y luna afectando su mundo y el estar bajo el agua para ciertos eventos, junto hasta cuevas secretas bajo el agua, buen juego, se ve será interesante.

  26. seeing this made me hate pokemon Sword/Shield even more

  27. Ishicóatl Näemare StrAngelous Jebel says:

    really no one mentionin the tetsucabra?

  28. See Game Freak, even Capcom is making better Pokemon games than you. Chop chop, get to work!

  29. I wonder if there'll be a way to ride dragons, too.

  30. its wyvern riding,but it can be also be used in non-wyvern monsters too?xD

  31. The way I’m watching the trailer while knowing I haven’t even finished mh stories 😂

  32. Palicos are the best thing to ever happen to me

  33. Oh, how stupid of them, they're using the [biased opinion]! They SHOULD'VE been using the op, high tier and obviously-better-than-the-[biased opinion] , [biased opinion]!!

  34. Am I the only one who played through the whole demo and didn’t like the game

  35. The wivern riding just ruins it for me haha

    Luckily you can just let the monster go and continue having fun 🙂

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