Monster Hunter Rise - Wyvern Riding Trailer -

Monster Hunter Rise – Wyvern Riding Trailer

Monster Hunter
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Take control. Harness the power of the mightiest monsters with Wyvern Riding!

#MHRise Demo available on Nintendo Switch on January 8th 2021.

Brave the frigid temperatures of the Frost Islands and fight for survival while hunting the spine-chilling Goss Harag and a plethora of returning monsters: Lagombi, Khezu, Great Baggi, Tigrex, Barioth.
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  1. Great Wroggi And Great Baggi are back!

    Great Jaggi: crying in the corner

  2. Magnolia is beating the life out of rathlos

  3. Wish we can ride valstrax, fly from Rise to World

  4. I played MH Stories so much, and just to see this? Even if it isn't full blown taming, the idea, the very thought and reality of it makes me overjoyed. I just bought a switch, for the soul purpose to play Rise now.

    And maybe Breath of the Wild

  5. I've never played the game but geeeez the samurai esque monster rocks

  6. The trailer is perfect. The music is perfect. The snowy area is perfect. Wyvern riding is perfect.

  7. Wow! You can ride the monsters now. That’s amazing! I can’t wait!

  8. Hunters:Riding a Monster
    Riders:wait that's illegal

  9. everyone – Woah, we can ride the monsters now!?
    monster hunter stories – am I a joke to you?

  10. 1:33
    Why was the voice sounded like Xander Mobus? (Joker of Persona 5)

  11. Does this make the game casual friendly?

  12. Sorry. Can i ask somethings ? Why monster hunter world doesn't have on nintendo??

  13. Down to 4 queues an still have taken down mitsuzune :') why am i alive

  14. Yup that sums up what monster hunter stories is

  15. Looks way shittier compared to World or is it just me?

  16. If only this would come to pc, been playing since freedom unite

  17. Capcom: sorry pc players, we cant make leviathans for world. Their skeleton is hard to develop. No lagi, no mizut 🙁

    Pc players: 🙁

    Also capcom: instead you can have rise for 2022


  18. Rise: we didn't invent mounting, we perfected it

  19. I have only played Mhw and i already love this franchise, it doesn't take too long to release games which are unique in their own way.

  20. Bro I can't wait my son gonna love this freaking game!!!!!!!

  21. Imagine riding Lao Shan Lung then attacking the whole village in mhgu. Phenomenal!

  22. For the PC MH fans who can't play the demo themselves…

    Wyvern Riding is phenominally fun to do, don't let anyone steer you wrong. It's by far one of the best additions in the franchise.

    Capcom, if there isn't an armor set dedicated to it, I'm coming for you.

  23. Gods harag is already my favorite monster and the game hasn't even came out yet

  24. I think some of the game play is on pc just look at the environment

  25. i'd just like to announce, the moment i manage to ride a kulu-yaku is gonna be the moment i'll yell BIRD UP

  26. Almost 2 weeks after the launch and I'm still comin back to this trailer, that's how awesome it is. I mean, we're RIDING. THE. TIGREX. T H E. T I G R E X. The wall that made a hunter out of most of us, and now its powers are in our hands.

  27. Bring Nergigante and Legiana on Monster Hunter Rise pls

  28. I still can't belive this game is on a handheld it looks so beautiful.

  29. Wow what a nice mechanic it would be awesome if we could have a game based around it

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