Monster Hunter Stories 2 - Summer Game Fest Trailer -

Monster Hunter Stories 2 – Summer Game Fest Trailer

Monster Hunter
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When Razewing Ratha is awakened, disaster will befall the land…
What new mysteries and threats lie ahead as a result of this cataclysmic event?

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  1. I just noticed that the rathalos roar is the original roar in this game 😀

  2. Holy shit the music's so damn good. MH stories low-key had the best MH ost so I'm not surprised.

  3. Is Australia going to get a collectors edition?

  4. Navirou transform the first time on dovan vulcan in first game,and in the final of monster hunter stories he helped lute to kill the final boss of 1 game

  5. Hoping that Capcom will release this on Android like MHS 1.

  6. So, basically, Monster Hunter Stories is the Pokemon Ranger of the series.

  7. I hope this game does not treat fatalis like a cheap shit like stories 1

  8. I hope we can fight dreadwing rathalos’ sun the future, or the white elder dragon from the first game

  9. im still playing stories 1 on mobile. stories 2 looks awesome.

  10. Lança isso logo não aguento mais esperar 😅

  11. is it just or does the ship look like its make of Kushala Daora

  12. I reaaallyyy hope that seregios comes back it’s my favorite monster! So excited for this game!

  13. I wander what the armor look like with the amiibo

  14. I hope there is why to rewatch the cutscenes in the game

  15. So excited for this game loved the first one 🙂 But my question is why is it always the ratholos that seem to be involved in the prophecy's of both these games, why not the other monsters u ride like tobi-kadachi or nargacuga? Just curious and would love an answer pleas and thank u ^-^

  16. Thank god i ordered the collectors edition when it went up. Sold out within an hour or less. Lol got mine from ebgames canada. That ratha amiibo is mine!🤩

  17. "So, you're going to be born huh?"
    Alright theorists step right in.

  18. We want Lute and Cheval in this game too

  19. Definitely pre-ordering that "Razorwing Ratha" Amiibo for certain. 😀

  20. So good to hear the old rathalos sounds again

  21. 5 seconds in and I still like the old Rath roar.

  22. Well, if they keep Elder dragons' eggs japanese version exclusive AGAIN, then i suggest they keep the game for Japan.

  23. J espere qu il y aura le deviljho et le rajang 🤔

  24. 1:04 I hope this is used in battles and not in three cutscenes, that a great power of THIS character and in any moment makes uses of them.

  25. I don't suppose anyone knows when a demo is going to be out? I don't think I'm quite patient enough to wait XD I'll probably have to continue playing the first game for now

  26. For a second I thought this was a new destiny dlc

  27. better not be some gay story about friendship

  28. Happy they changed the artstyle, i frickinh hate chibi

  29. I feel this game is going to be very dramatic

  30. I'm just going to say… Xeno'jiiva has a habit of "being born," just gonna put it out there

  31. Ruinwing Rathalos happens when a Rathalos and a Nergigante have a little baby

  32. I am stuck in the last part for mhs so I'm at the end fighting the big bad boss but this 2nd one be bussin bussin

  33. has anyone figured out if this has any connection to the first game yet?

  34. Plot twist : The final boss is Rathalos from MH:Movie

  35. Is it just me, r does the voice acting not seem to fit right? Like they got the wrong actors and accents?

  36. i can't wait to completely ignore my rathalos again in favour of way better monsties 😏

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