Monster Hunter Stories - Official Nintendo 3DS Trailer -

Monster Hunter Stories – Official Nintendo 3DS Trailer

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When a monster strikes, the fearful hide, but the brave? They ride. Monster Hunter Stories launches Sept. 8th on Nintendo 3DS.

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  1. Hi Nintendo can you release a New Pokémon a fire dragon Pokémon with a new signature move. Please!!! Not through an event! From red,the fire and dragon type Pokémon trainer.

  2. Whow! Pretty cool. I got a vibe of pokemon mega evolution in monster hunter stories. Lol

  3. Just bring the amiibo to the US/PAL regions!

  4. This game is already beautiful and in 3D it just looks mindblowing.
    But what does Nintendo do?
    They advertising this game played on a 2DS. Because.. y'know. They have to sell that system too…
    Even if everybody hate it.

  5. This is one of the games of getting for Christmas and will be my first 'save to the SD card' game. I have a question involving that. Does this mean that every time I save a space will be gone from the card's memory? What about updates for other games? Pictures from the camera. How does this work?

  6. Love the game so much. Just wish they would update it. I really don't want to start over on a phone or tablet for the newer content.

  7. When can we expect a nintendo switch version? This one is a must!

  8. Nintendo,

    Where is 1.2 update for NA versio? Don't leave US/EU hanging

  9. another game like this please, or one of pokemon or zelda with this style !!

  10. I feel guilty for sailing the seven seas to acquire it. Might have to pick up a copy when I get to port

  11. is this game worth $30? tried the demo but I’m still unsure!

  12. When do we get to be able to have elder dragon eggs (besides kirin)

  13. Please for nintendo switch 😍🙏🏽

  14. monster hunter stories 2 should be on switch itd be awsome

  15. I really want this game to be remade for the Switch

  16. This was a dream come true back then. Riding and fighting alongside monsters, in an RPG game…

    Let us fulfill that dream once again.

    Summer 2021
    Monster Hunter Stories 2
    Wings of Ruin

  17. Anyone came back here after the new trailer for Stories 2 ?

  18. The second game comes out that’s but sadly the 3DS is now no more

  19. I like how even three years later now that we're getting a new Monster Hunter stories for the switch the commercials for the first Monster Hunter stories is becoming prevalent.

  20. Ironic, that you get Ratha after you stand on that cliff.

  21. Coming back after there reveal of stories 2. It feels good knowing it isn't over yet.

  22. Need a Switch port before the seconde MH Stories came out

  23. The ending was so emotionally loaded it made me break down. 10/10 needs a sequel

  24. While playing, black lines would occassionally appear for a fraction ofna second randomly throughout and that was a dealbreaker for me, idk if its my 3ds or the cart but my 3ds was pretty new at the time

  25. This game had one of the greatest free demos ever.

  26. The opening seen where rstha hatches always bothered me because of the fact that literally every other egg in that nest is a gold rathian egg.

  27. looks like pokemon at the same time looks like dragon quest

  28. After playing stories 2 I’m almost interested in trying this.

  29. I’m so glad they made a number 2, I don’t think I could live without another monster hunter stories game!

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