Monster Hunter World: Best Early Game Charge Blade: Dear Lutemis -

Monster Hunter World: Best Early Game Charge Blade: Dear Lutemis

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Destiny 2 Review / Gamplay by Mtashed: I had to mass edit all of my descriptions due to an annoying copyright claim. Sorry I can’t provide accurate info for this video

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  1. How do I level up the skills on armour… I'm so confused

  2. What is the 1st mat to upgrade mudslide blade II ? And where to find it?

  3. How far into the game before you can make the weapon?

  4. Absolutely ridiculous. You can't be telling people there is a weapon that will "carry" them through the game– especially a CB, which you can't exactly pick up and learn how to use quickly. What WILL get you through the game is finding a weapon you enjoy using, and taking your time with a game.

  5. What does the "under development
    " section mean?

  6. this is a great game with loads of content and its a very un-self explanatory so you should make more of these guides. i miss that sexy Scott accent

  7. There is no best Weopan guys. But I have to admit if u learn how to use this shit…..omfg. Its amazing. But use the Weopan u like guys. Simple

  8. I'd like to see some opinions on good insect glaives, those are my favorite

  9. Thanks mate. As a monster hunter newbie, videos like these help. Even though the CB is difficult to use, your video and Arekkz pushed me into learning it. Just got this weapon and absolutely loving it. Keep it up!

  10. Why cant i find a guide on how to even upgrade weapons.

  11. yo so um i got 2 plates on my 1st try and 1 more on my 2nd try… also im 27 hours into the game and im really bad but lucky

  12. The rathian charge blade upgrades are super good as well

  13. Every weapon is viable, choose what feels good to you, Charge Blade is somewhat slow, complex and hits hard if done right. The best course of action is to pick a few weapons you like for multiple situations. Don't have reach to get that flying dude? Insect glaive. Monster too fast can't keep up? Maybe go gunlance and counter attack it. Endless possibilities!

  14. why i don't have the blueprint to buy of this "dear lutemis" ?

  15. I only have standard weapons n bone weapons how do i unlock more ???

  16. Here come the Moster Hunter Vest Assholes. "Blah Blah you don't know, Blah Blah your new, Blah Blah" Seriously let people enjoy the game how they want.

  17. I prefer the tobikadachi charged blade , because i like the blue energy XD

  18. Ya, there is no best weapon in Monster Hunter. Please stop saying things like this and making new players think like this…

  19. Best Charge Blade is Diablos Tyrannis II.
    In My Opinion

  20. lmfao charge blade is a trash weapon for noobs. Switch axe is the true best weapon in the game and it takes skill to use it. I can solo so many super tough monsters with a charge axe that groups of 4 can't even kill together because they suck at this game. Come back when you can solo Odogaron, lol.

  21. All these "there's no best weapon" "vets" are so annoying. Im new to monster hunter and this gave me a great starting point to hunt monsters. Also the charge blade teaches you about bread and butter combos and spacing a lot easier and less frustratingly than other weapons imo. The there is no best weapon spiel doesn't even help if someone wants to get a recommendation earlygame for a weapon. It's not like we are stuck to one weapon or forced to switch down the line so recommending anything and giving some tips on how to use the weapon or why it's YOUR fave is 100x more helpful then hur dur no best weapons.

  22. Anyone who's played MH knows there is no best weapon.

  23. Good choice, if you know how to use a charge blade and you want to clear low rank quests. Though, I wouldn't say it's the best early game charge blade, when basically any early game charge blade is enough to clear low rank.

    The "Dear Lutemia" charge blade that you have showcased here as the "best early game charge blade" is by the way a rarity 5 weapon, which requires high rank components that you can't harvest from low rank monsters.

    When building this weapon, you need to realize that this one requires a rathian plate, which has a low chance of dropping, which means that most people who will want this weapon based on your video might get stuck for a while trying to farm something that they might not need at all.

    Other than that, killing the low rank Rathian (there's a reason why I'm very specific here) gives you a higher chance to get a plate if you break all parts (both wings, head and back) of the monster and sever its tail than simply weakening (hitting where you can) and capturing it. This will not only provide you with more rewards at the end, but also roll you a plate 3 times more often compared to a simple capture. Those four extra carves (including the tail) will also increase your chances of getting a plate. Another tip: look for shiny drops after hitting the monster and pick them up.

    I'd also like to add that low rank doesn't really emphasize the monster's tolerance to ailments and elemental weaknesses. Maybe even high rank does a poor job at this. Let's hope this will change when the game finally receives G rank. Anyways, back to my point: After clearing low rank, you might hit a wall where you won't be able to do enough damage with this weapon to monsters with very high poison tolerance (and/or KO tolerance) and you'll be scratching your head why that is.

    Putting your faith into one tool in the box might not be the best idea later on.

  24. Why does my required materials say i only need rathian spike,scale & shell?


  26. so from reading some of these comments I guess you can't have an opinion on this game unless you have made 1k videos on the subject, played every game including Japan only releases, and have no less than 3/4.of you room covered in officially licensed monster hunter merchandise.

  27. i dont like charge blade anymore but IMO, the main bone tree seems to have higher damage early game. From either rarity 5-6 up the bone blade has blast damage is a lot better than poison

  28. just got the plate on literally my first time facing a rathian i bullshit you not..

  29. I get that you’re trying to help new players out which is great don’t get me wrong, but PLEASE don’t do these ‘best weapon’ type videos. Yes there’s no denying that Dear Lutemis is a brilliant early game Charge Blade, but Charge Blade is also a fairly complex weapon to understand properly and this is gonna be really misguiding to people who don’t know how to use it properly. If they like Charge Blade and they can use it, absolutely use this weapon, but I think you need to talk about it’s drawbacks like the increase in poison tolerance every time the status is inflicted and other things along that manner.

    To any new players that might be reading this, use whatever weapon you are comfortable with, the best thing about Monster Hunter is that every weapon is viable, there is no true ‘meta’ weapon, so use what you enjoy. If you like Charge Blade, use Dear Lutemis, it’s a brilliant starting Charge Blade. But if you don’t, don’t feel pressured into using it, use what you’re comfortable with.

    That being said, I don’t want anyone to think that this is an attack on mtashed, it isn’t at all. The fact that he’s trying to help new players is brilliant, but I just felt like I should try and help clear things up a bit cause Monster Hunter is a game that is hard to learn and the worst thing to do is drive inexperienced players down a path that makes the game so unappealing to them that they don’t want to play, cause this game truly is a masterpiece and I’m glad the series is finally getting the recognition that it has deserved for so long

  30. I just ran great jagras chargeblade and switch axe that worked for me

  31. Tbh charge blade is a required taste to isnt the best alot of weapons are a little better than charge blade,but the charge blade is used in a strategic defensive way not dps if you are running charge blade the combos and medium paste so you cant fully do fast paste combos with the charged r2+o with the charged triangle without the enemy being down or else you have a nigut chance of getting hit to use charge blades in arena or expeditions if you know your not good at it.

  32. am I the only guy who's list has the 2 first weapons ?

  33. Learned how to use the charge blade for this weapon, just got it and I'm absolutely not disappointed! Fuckin solo rathans now

  34. Dear lutemis, I made the rathan my bitch today.

  35. Got the plate on my First capture 2nd ever engagement clear 😂

  36. Just got the plate after my first Rathian kill :)) i’d been progressing in the missions specifically to get this weapon

  37. Rathian plate dropped from my 2nd try. Rathian is such a gud gurl.

  38. Early game there are some bad weapons because you can’t make the gear to make certain weapon types shine. I love tips like this to make the early game grind a bit more tolerable. Once we hit late game, those “weaker” weapons can suddenly feel powerful because of gearing and having more of a variety of status effects to choose from.

  39. Please make a video explaining what the power phials and stuff do for switch axe

  40. I have the rathian plate but zero rathian shells

  41. I’ve hunt 5 rathians and gotten 5 plates. I feel way too luck in monster Hunter compared to every other aspect of anything

  42. For anyone coming here more recently for the PC release: He's correct this weapon is amazing but the Diabolos charged blade will out damage this one by quite a lot. The Diabolos charged blade line is the strongest in terms of pure DPS in the game at this point. Dear Lutemis will however carry you for a long period of time.

  43. Lol I got my scale on my first 2 captures.

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