Monster Hunter World: Iceborne x "Monster Hunter" Movie -

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne x “Monster Hunter” Movie

Monster Hunter
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The #MonsterHunterMovie crossover comes to #Iceborne on Dec 4th! Travel to the New World and play as Artemis (voiced by Milla Jovovich) in two special quests with unique rewards!



  1. I'm just gonna pass on this skin and movie, I heard it's bombing bad in China

  2. The quest is so bad and I've not exaggerated it.
    It just so bad, 2 part quest and we just fight an oversized monster, that's it, nothing new or anything.
    It's like a knock-off of Witcher Quest.

  3. At last! The last time I used Milla was in The Fifth Element for PS1 xD

  4. There's no way for me to unsee this. Looks cool tho 👍

  5. ah yes yes monster hunter x monster hunter how did i not see this coming

  6. I think its time to add something really fresh to mhw iceborne, and I know what it is: 2 new weapon types and a new Land and of course a bunch of new/old monsters. Then it will finish till the next monster hunter

  7. Dear hollywood, you can in fact start a movie in a very different universe instead of having isekai stuff and world invasions and very frequently if you put in effort it works.

    I hope this doesn't make capcom execs never try a movie with any western studio again because some might actually be ""bold"" if pushed and are legitimately good.

  8. well people it was a pleasure to play iceborne with you all, see you in Rise.

  9. Highly recommend playing these Events, tbh.
    The cutscenes with Artemis are dumb, but still more engaging than any of the base game and Iceborne scenes.
    The fight against World Eater Rathalos is fucking dope and the Artemis armor is OP and can be mixed. The layered armor can also be mixed.

  10. How y’all go give us a layered skin of her whole outfit but her entirely

    Like 😂😂🥴

  11. Everyone is making fun of the trailer of the movie. But I have high hopes. With how highly the Monster Hunter team is speaking of it, I have my hope that it'll actually be pretty decent. Unless Capcom is getting a cut from the movie then nvm. But, they seem genuinely excited for us to see the movie.

    Or maybe I'm just praying we don't have another Death Note Netflix adaptation but this time on my childhood.

  12. I was surprised the movie is coming out in theatres this Friday. I hope I can see it. This was unexpected for me.

  13. I don't blame Capcom for doing this collab, but I'm not watching that movie and I'm not playing as the actress from it either.

  14. Damn but y'all ever gonna fix the constant disconnect issues on PC?

  15. what a crossover to perfectly illustrate my issues with World, generic-looking weapons and armor, throw in the movie character in some of the most generic fantasy armor with the most generic looking dual blades, and let's make sure she's got a potato for a face as well!

    real top-notch capcom, it looks like a parody of itself.

  16. You guys keep talking about how the plot of the movie is bad but don't for one second tell me your headass plays mh for the story the reason were all here is because pointy stick go shing shing

  17. Wow they put alice from re to monster hunter
    -resident evil live action watcher probably

  18. I feel like gore magala will be in monster hunter iceborne

  19. Did capcom really think Paul w.s "I ruin video game movies for a living" Anderson was going to make something worth crossing over into the game?
    Tbh I just feel bad for Mila Jovovich who keeps getting type cast as bland hero girls.

  20. Why Capcom? Why woul you do this??? Why don't just make an animated movie like RE and make it right!?!?!? FFS

  21. That's dope love this game and ole girl Jovovich. China can suck a turd getting all butt hurt 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  22. A lot of comments about monster Hunter collaborating with monster Hunter. Well, you see… The difference is, the game is good.

  23. This might be a stupid question… But why isn't there a Monster Hunter World x Godzilla?
    They're both Japanese, they're both massively successful and they're both about Monsters.

    And Imagine fighing the likes of Mothra or Ghidorah, yes please! 😀

  24. Hopefully the next update allows us to change Handlers (just finished killing Barioth, I regret not spending more time with the Serious Handler)

    In the meantime, if you want to enjoy her for a bit more, DON'T do the Barioth quest

  25. ah yes because she needs to be the main character not us. just like jill and the rest of the resident evil characters didn't need to be the main characters either in the movies. no. just no.

  26. Yea…
    Why would I wanna play as him when my CAC can have better feats?

  27. All I'm waiting for is someone to extract her model and that's getting inserted into RE2 or 3 remake

  28. The worst movie video game adaption of all, should just let Japan movie makers make it if you want good and better movie based video games LOL

  29. Any1 tell me how can i get to play as her

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  31. MHW: speaks english the entire time
    MHW x MH movie character enters: speaks MH language

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