Monster Hunter: World - Launch Trailer -

Monster Hunter: World – Launch Trailer

Monster Hunter
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Gather your hunting party and get ready to embark on a journey to the New World, an uncharted land ruled by savage monsters! Monster Hunter: World is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One!




  1. I don't care if I starve to death, I am buying this game

  2. This pretty much Ark: Survival Evolved + Dark Souls. Both are one of the best games i've ever played. Something is telling me, this is gonna be the best game ever this year.

  3. Capcom is finally doing games right. Im willing to forgive their mess up with SF5, RE6 and MvCi because they got Monster Hunter World right. This game is a must own imo. Dont go in expecting a story telling like The Last of Us, but be prepared for a lot of intense and unforgiving fights and some very satisfying monster smackdowns.

  4. Fuck this game its a peice of shit worst 60 i eva spent i took it back immediately who eva made this should be executed for prouducing this shit

  5. Game is unforgettable. This is Game of the Year. Cheers to you Capcom.

  6. Any one on Xbox wanna play this with me?

  7. Why can't Monster Hunter World also be on Steam?? ;-(

  8. is it just me or is mattew mercer literally everywhere

  9. When you haven’t seen an add for a game on YouTube, but you see it on anime…. help.

  10. Buenas gente pasaros x mi canal si queréis subo tamb monsther hunter y subiré más adelante fornite, si os pasáis y suscribiste os lo agradecería ya que soy nuevo chavales xfavor, saludos y gracias

  11. why is monster hunter world got some monsters and not all of the monsters from all the other games.

  12. This game fucking sucks. How about releasing something that actually works Capcom you fucking thieves

  13. Not a big fan of the armor design in the launch trailer

  14. check my chanel if u want download and install game monster hunter world thanks

  15. playing monster hunter tri: welp, good news everyone, a 2009 game is better than this! really fucking shows.

  16. When playing Monster Hunter World you can simply look at another player's gear and tell if they're high level or not. So why is it even the experts, masters, whatever, hit nothing but air, whenever they swing their weapon, AT LEAST %90 of the time? Even with the new, laughable, fucking lock on. Considering the 2004 Ninja Gaiden had a perfectly servicable, seamless auto lock, 15 fUCKING YEARS AGO, a system the new God Of War just perfected, there's quite literally no excuse for it. And before anybody says any stupid shit about "realism" games don't need to be real, they need to be fun but it doesn't even matter cause it would be considerably easier to fight a real dinosaur with a giant sword and not miss, as it is to play that shit salad of a game. Someone sold their soul to Man/Bear/Pig to make that game so fucking popular. And the worst part is: I like almost everything about MHW if it weren't for that make-believe, tacked on, monotonous, redundant, pretentious, needless mess of a gameplay mechanic. sucks in much needed oxygen

  17. I keep hearing stuff about the hitboxes, if your an oh from generations you should I mean KNOW that this game IS about the shitty hitboxes it's a classic ont fix the gogmazios hit box it's to funny to see a miss tail Swipe and it instantly kill them like its anime all over again

  18. I bought this game. Terrible. Trailer was very misleading.

  19. Oh I wish I knew where to find the music used in this trailer, it's so good!

  20. Sees Monster Hunter game
    Alright get our grunts ready we will magically understand everything through grunts and laughs
    Handler Wow the New World!
    O_o NANI?

  21. 1000 plus hours in this game and I still get goosebumps watching this

  22. Little did we know about error code 50383-mw1 back then….i mean seriously this almost destroyed the game in my opinion because countless people couldn't even enjoy this game with their friends

  23. This game bring back memories to all OG 2017 gamers there


  24. I ABSOLUTELY ADORE this game… I will be a monster Hunter forever!! (I even have my own channel)

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