Monster Hunter: World - Launch Trailer -

Monster Hunter: World – Launch Trailer

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Gather your hunting party and get ready to embark on a journey to the New World, an uncharted land ruled by savage monsters! Monster Hunter: World is now available on Xbox One.


  1. I don't know… The game looks extremely full/saturated

  2. Is this game supposed to be like destiny but way better?

  3. The games are too expensive please lower it :(((

  4. Bummer, I gotta wait till I'm off work to play 😢

  5. Wow that game is very good but not as much as Xbox

  6. Idk whether to get it because I hated monster hunter tri

  7. Sea of thieves or monster hunter world

  8. I'll be waiting for the PC release in this one. Only thing stopping me from getting it on here is the lack of people playing.

  9. Xbox why this game is not available in Taiwan? I have waited for so long and you didn't make it available here. What a shame.

  10. This will be my first MH game, I can’t wait to play it. Something tells me I’ll be busy with this one for a long while!

  11. Xbox traz o jogo gang beasts para oxe e 360 e Windows 10 ok???

  12. Traz o game gang beasts Xbox one é Xbox 360 e Windows 10

  13. This is a perfect trailer for people who dont Know monster hunter

  14. is this gonna be on pc cuz im npt trying to hurt my eyes by playing this at 720p -20fps

  15. the Art direction of this game is a catastrophe, looks like oversaturated unfitting textures thrown together, so bad that it become s difficult to tell what is part of the environment and what is not

  16. Sorry no Happy plaese Xbox one s plaese please please please Xbox one s plis

  17. I remember playing monster hunter freedom unite on my PSP, gon buy this next week or so, im so hyped! 😀

  18. Jajajaja quien ve esto ya esta en el game pass

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