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Monster Hunter: World – PS4 Gameplay | PS Underground

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Let’s play Monster Hunter: World! Ryan and Kristen are joined by Yuri from Capcom to take on the mighty Radobaan and craft some adorable Palico cat armor.


  1. I was thinking to make the game more realistic, they should change the item quantity to pounds or kilogram since same monsters can have different sizes plus its more exciting how many pounds of monster meats I could get while curving. oh yes I love gambles

  2. I just feel bad for the hunter, in the commentary he is like "just please stop trying to sound cool other dude im just trying to show people a game" other dude "totally cool! Rad! Og wording my bro!" any normal human being "…"

  3. Localize XX for Nintendo Switch in America.

  4. The lady seems cool. The guy clearly is not a gamer.

  5. Will they release PS4 starter bundle for this game in Europe i read online they will release in japan

  6. awesome game!i still want resident evil 2 remake!i wish jill scenario

  7. Looks like a grind type of game. I like how they asked if the game has a story. lol. yeah, kill monsters. It's a pretty deep plot here with 3 acts and a love story with a warrior and a cat..

  8. Poor graffic and monster`s movement. It was so disspointed.

  9. One day for the USA! I pre-ordered Digital Deluxe and its time for PS4 to unite!

  10. I’m looking for people to play in a group, add me Lightscribe17 ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

  11. I remember when PlayStation underground was a demo disc

  12. This game just seems like a side quest in what should be a much bigger game.

  13. Abadon is actually a different version of the uragan.

  14. Believe in Jesus and go to heaven

  15. Dudes and dudette, i really enjoyed your commentary! Haha

  16. tried to find a reason to buy this but every video looks just "meh"


  18. I'm considering to buy the game on my normal Ps4. And I heard that the uncapped framerate is pretty annoying in the mid to high twenties to mid thirties. Can anyone confirm that? Would really like to know before buying it.

  19. I wish there was an option to change the cats to dogs

  20. I’ve had monster run into each like this multiple times and they always completely ignore each other. At best they look at one another then both run away

  21. I cringed a lot watching this while eating my breakfest. Doesn't help it go down.

  22. This weapon is fast… got hit twice in a row…. There is NO FAST in Monster Hunter

  23. If you faint and play online can they revive you or are you respawning at a nearby camp. And if all players faint or if you play solo does the monster get a lot of health back or what happens? And I have a question they said something about having a amount of faints that you can have if you use all of them do you need to do the mission all over?

  24. Ok i know you guys wont agree on this but why dont you guys make a ps vita 2 and also compete with nintendo switch

  25. And cause th ps4 is getting old. Its on its fourth birthday

  26. If you are playstation you gotta make it nine times better

  27. wow just wow… playstation just deleted my ps vita2 comment

  28. What is Lando Calrisian doing in a samurai outfit in Monster Hunter?

  29. >60fps video
    >game runs at unsteady 30fps

  30. Hey guys, ive got an ps4 slim (500 GB) i bought it 4 days ago… and its lokking good at other gameplays… but its lagging at my and i dont know why please help me :((

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