Monster Hunter: World - TGS 2017 | PS4 -

Monster Hunter: World – TGS 2017 | PS4

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Embark on a journey to a dangerous new world and unravel the mysteries that lie within. Coming to PlayStation 4 January 26th, 2018.


  1. (I dont know all the monster hunter lore) is this planet earth or the monster hunters series take place in a super giant planet a few times larger than earth?

    I've seen a few monster size comparison videos and an earth couldn't support all those monsters

  2. Guys! When MHW comes out, eat,sleep,hunt,repeat! Happy Hunting!

  3. Except for some parts of scenarios this game looks like a PS3/X360 game most of the time

  4. So any chance of the Monster Hunter PS4 Pro being released outside of Japan?

  5. A game from capcom…a definite buy from me…looks promising.

  6. I've never been so excited for a game before but this looks amazing

  7. It's time for PS4 to rule Japan when this game lunch.


  9. Are they going show riders unless that's not canon.

  10. This is a great win for playstation and a great hit for nintendo.

  11. Was i the only one that was gasping when i saw the samurai costume? XD and ohh, also…if only they made toukiden like this 🙁

  12. um is Jan 26 2018 the OFFICIAL release date cause Amazon is still listing it as March 31 2018, or is something else dropping on jan 26 2018?

  13. Is that Matthew mercer doing voice for the guy? Sound familiar.

  14. You can keep your hostaged pre-order content. Sorry, I meant "bonuses".

  15. pre-order only come on ps4 ?? so is there no release date for pc version??

  16. The story look good, but i dont think the gameplay is for me,😕

  17. Bring Gold apex rajang and hungry apex deviljho into the game, just to make this game more challenging.


  19. Anyone who wants to hunt together leave ur psn ! (I`m from germany btw)

  20. A blast from Capcom once again, after such a long time.

  21. Bloodborn being played by Group of Kids Off the acid wit Jurassic World In the Back for background Noise While Anime is On Topic

  22. The last time i played Monster Hunter was in my PSP But i don't have anymore. Tigrex and nargacuga here we go again

  23. The english VA from the leader in the MH World trailer is the same as Sojiro Sakura from Persona 5… right?

  24. If any ps4 players looking for someone to play with dont mind adding killahboii343 i already have the game pre ordered

  25. Please sell well, we need more good games to be successful. Otherwise it's all microtransactions and moba shooters from here on.

  26. Monster Hunter PlayStation 4 Bundle Would Be Nice

  27. characters in monster hunter speak fluently now no more gibber gabber 😀

  28. Too bad it's on xbox too the og mh is for playstation and nintendo

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