Monster Jam: Maximum Destruction (PS2 Gameplay) -

Monster Jam: Maximum Destruction (PS2 Gameplay)

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Monster Jam: Maximum Destruction (PS2) – Truck: Avenger – World: Jungle Temple

The game is based on the USHRA Monster Jam series, and features several real-life trucks, including Grave Digger. Although it contains racing-based minigames, the primary focus is on the combat, which includes power-ups and weapons in addition to demolition derby style maneuvers. The game includes these trucks. Airbourne Ranger, American Guardian, Avenger, Blacksmith, Bulldozer, Bustin’Loose, Destroyer, El Toro Loco, Eradicator, Goldberg, Grave Digger, Gunslinger, King Krunch, Madusa, Mountaineer,Predator, Prowler, Reptoid, Spider-Man , Blue Thunder, Sting, Sudden Impact, Survivor, Thrasher, Wild Thang, and Wolverine. There are 8 worlds the players can choose from. They are, Jungle Temple, Rome, Hollywood, The Junkyard, The Big Apple, The Snow Village, The Military Base and The Vegas Strip.


  1. Awww man this game my favorite truck was eradicator and that badass dodge body

  2. This game, Lego Indiana Jones, Lego Batman, Battle for Volcano Island, Lego Star Wars all my childhood games.

  3. My childhood with spnge bob the movie ps2, midnight club dub remix and cod

  4. Big apple , millitary and temple are my fav

  5. I remember getting my ass kicked by my brother in this game

  6. This game was awesome, too bad it got slammed by critics.

  7. NOSTALGIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was my most favourite game. OMG

  8. I actually have this Game on the GameCube and I love the Main Menu Music that's in this Game and I still love playing and listening to it.

  9. My brother: thinks about food

  10. Im looking at this in 2019 and uhhhh the nastalgiea

  11. That's me, i'm Member Of Twisted Metal, and i love monster jam

    And that's made for me, because I love to make everything i love as twisted metal, thank God.

    Me when i went to monster jam:

  12. El Toro Loco is always my favorite truck to play as a kid

  13. I remember the good old times when you could walk into a video store and rent video games. That's how I was introduced to this game . I would always play as El Toro Loco 😂 it was pure mayhem . Good times man !

  14. I remember playing this game as a kid and getting nervous asf for some reason and I always hated going into that area with the huge robotic snake

  15. Anyone know why certain trucks had spiked tires

  16. They should really remaster this I loved this game back then

  17. I remember having this game on PC when I was a kid I played this game on PC It was very addicted

  18. 8 Tahun Yang Lalu Anjink Ini Hame Gw dulu Kecil Asli Seru

  19. Did You Know That There Are Hidden Trucks Gxz95

  20. Bruh the Goldberg truck was always a pain in my ass

  21. I need to dig this and my ps2 back up like now

  22. Damn wish they could remaster this game for ps4/5

  23. 😂😃🚚🚚😁😄😃😀😋😀😢🚃

  24. Just found this game in my closet. Remember having gt all the gold trucks. Forgot how to get them, lol.

  25. This game…. This game, was the best looking monster truck game and gave me some of my greatest childhood gaming memories

  26. I rmbr playing with my fam and us always getting so mad at each other playing this

  27. I remember playing this game when I was six years old in 2005, honestly can’t describe the feeling this gave me! So glad I saw this.

  28. I grew up on the n64 playing games like vigilante 8, twisted metal and destruction derby 64. Then we got a ps2 and this game blew my fucking mind. This and test drive eve of destruction were the best games for the system.

  29. I remember this looking way better lmfao

  30. This game is so much fun. I have every truck unlocked. The hidden trucks are unlocked by completing a season with a Champ Truck on any difficulty

  31. The only game where Monster Trucks we’re giving drugs n acid

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