Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 - Announcement Trailer | PS4 -

Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 – Announcement Trailer | PS4

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THQ Nordic and Feld Entertainment proudly unveil Monster Jam Steel Titans 2!

The game is scheduled for release on PS4, March 2nd, 2021.

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Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 combines everything fans loved about the original and packs in more trucks, brand new worlds, and online multiplayer! The expanded roster includes fan favorites like Higher Education, Sparkle Smash, Backwards Bob, and Avenger! The five, brand new, in-game worlds expand on the Monster Jam universe, providing endless exploration and discovery for players.

Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 also delivers on the competitive aspects racing fans crave, from head-to-head stadium racing to freestyle competitions, to waypoint challenges. Players can challenge friends all over the globe with new online multiplayer, for up to six players.

All footage recorded in-game, and captured while the product is still in development. The trailer does not represent the visual quality of the final game.



  1. Please make it where we can play Friday funk like this comment

  2. Eveline Caroline Lienhua MingMei FenFang Huang says:

    Super Giant Ball Monster!!! Aarrrrrr 😬😬😬

  3. So it's still going to come out for ps4? Please tell me it is🤞

  4. Can't wait for this. So far, Steel Titans 1 was the best Monster Jam/monster truck game for consoles so far, but this very promising to dethrone it. Adding Indy trucks like Avenger, Crushstation, and Higher Education is a big step up, the tracks obstacles aren't obnoxiously big in this, and it's awesome that they added the Orlando WF Track. Be thankful that we're getting a new monster truck game and don't knock it til you play it. Me and my sons are really looking forward to it 😁

  5. I hope they have retro designs for the trucks!

    Urban Assault Blue Thunder (04-08) is my favorite!

    And I would love to play as a super accurate Grandma Grave Digger!(G.D. #1)
    Playing as the retro trucks and old leafspring and shock suspension trucks would be MIND BLOWING!!!

    (To give the Rigs of Rods and BeamNG Drive mod guys a run for there money with official stuff you know!)

  6. I got more intersted because of higher education

  7. Why you steel games from ps plus? Don't buy in this shop anything , because if you buy Sony will steel

  8. I remember playing maximum destruction on the ps2 when I was a kid thought it was the best monster truck game ever

  9. thumbs up to the people besides me who played monster truck madness back in the day 👍

  10. This is why they are called "monster trucks"!

  11. So completely done with attempts at realism? Monster Truck Championship is the way to go i guess.

  12. No one is talking about the online multiplayer! I can't wait for that!

  13. Awesome! Just played this for my kids and they are both excited! Would love to see Scooby Doo added though. Let’s make it happen!

  14. I just need in my life a Monster 4×4 Masters of Metal Remake


  16. They need to fix the multiplayer because they made it so you would have to beat the game a second time but on a different account. FIX IT

  17. And the trucks can only be unlocked not bought or just make the money you get from a event better then steel titans 1

  18. Steel Titans 2 is said to have better physics. I hope that is true

  19. AKkakakakkkakakAkkakaakkkakaAkakakAkkaka

  20. can't wait for it but please give it a easy mode because monster jam stell titans 1 is too hard i can't pass the 4 phase

  21. If only they remastered Monster Truck Madness 64 😢 that was the best Monster Truck game ever!

  22. Alien invasion
    Avenger team fire
    Backwards bob
    Bakugan dragonoid
    Blue thunder
    Captains curse
    Earth shaker
    El Toro loco
    Gas monkey garage
    Grave digger
    Grave digger the legend
    Higher education
    Higher education inverse
    Ice cream
    Jurassic attack
    Mohawk warrior
    Monster jam training truck
    Monster jam stunt truck
    Monster mutt
    Monster mutt dalmation
    Monster mutt husky
    Monster mutt junk yard dog
    Monster mutt poodle
    Monster mutt rotweiler
    Northern nightmare
    Pirates curse
    Soldier fortune
    Soldier fortune black ops
    Son-uva digger
    Sparkle smash
    Stone crusher
    Grave digger 30th anniversary
    Metal Mulisha
    Mad scientist (frontflip)

  23. This is the best looking PS3 game I've ever seen

  24. If that monument isn’t called Mount Crushmore someone needs to be fired 🤣🤣🤣

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