Monster Saga (Master of Monsters) Gameplay! NEW POKEMON GAME! -

Monster Saga (Master of Monsters) Gameplay! NEW POKEMON GAME!

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Monster Saga Gameplay! NEW POKEMON GAME!


Pocket Monster Remake is an RPG clearly inspired by the legendary Pokémon. This entertaining game combines the combat system of Gameboy classics and the charisma of the original Pokémon characters. However, Pocket Monster Remake advances much faster, making it perfect for smartphones.

In Pocket Monster Remake you’ll find quite a few familiar faces: Charmander, Squirtle, Gyarados and Eeve or even Hitmonchan. You can capture all 150 original Pokémon characters! Capturing them will also seem familiar to you – just fight them in combat, weaken them a little, and throw a pokeball at them!

Navigating the screen is also a lot easier and faster in Pocket Monster Remake. Just move your character from one point on the map to another. While you’re there, you can also take a look at which Pokemon characters you can capture.

Pocket Monster Remake is a new and entertaining game that should delight anyone who already loves the Pokémon saga.

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  1. I want ofline high graphics Pokemon game bro

  2. Nice Video Game 🤩❤️❤️👌👌😎👍

  3. Please let me how to download this game please let me please please please 😥😏😎😎😎😎

  4. Ya यह कौन सा गेम है जरा मुझे बताओ

  5. The link is not working
    Please don't upload fake video

  6. I can't play this game always show network error

  7. काउडी डिन्डोर says:

    इस गेम का क्या नाम है

  8. I have downloaded but only showing network is not stable

  9. Does this game have constant updates? With new pokemon and all pokemon from all eight gens so far?

  10. Please share the link in description box

  11. Bhai yah Jo video banaya uska asali naam game ka bata de please

  12. Another fake Pokémon game they didnt really even try to make it different and I could tell that most of the comments are from bots

  13. Bro how to download Steven universe save the light

  14. Is game ko kaise apne mobile mein Khel sakte hain

  15. Bro i cannot enter into the game the game show that game need stable network so tell any solution bro

  16. I played this game I was child I got all leagendary Pokemon but now I can't find that game was so 😭😭😭

  17. Please you saw how to download this pokemon game

  18. naaye indian serveruku vara maatenguthu

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