Monster School : DESTINY RUN CHALLENGE - Minecraft Animation -

Monster School : DESTINY RUN CHALLENGE – Minecraft Animation

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the monster school play destiny run challenge. let’s se what happend

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  1. You should try a video about the squid game!

  2. I miss platibush 3 years ago,So many meme and funny things

  3. Platabush,pls Monster school playing game squid game

  4. These were actually good before He decided to make them do like some shitty cringe apps like chalenges

  5. 5:29 this background music is like a Malaysian News Buletin Utama it so similar 😂🤣🤣

  6. Platabush please make monster school animation squid game

  7. EN: I love Monster school! FR: J'adore Monster School!

  8. OMG NO WAY I FOUND YOU. I used to watch your videos all the time when i was like 10 and 11 and the videos I loved the most was the slendrina ones and just the scary ones in general was the best man

  9. When you will make a episode of Minecraft 1.17 teacher changes

  10. Fun fact: did anyone notice where is enderman🤣🤣

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