Monster School : SQUID GAME CHALLENGE FULL EPISODE - Minecraft Animation -

Monster School : SQUID GAME CHALLENGE FULL EPISODE – Minecraft Animation

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This is Squid Game ! From start to finish, who’s gonna win? Will the Monster School escape together?

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This is a full 25 minutes minecraft monster school animation , a squid game full movie animation based on the Netflix movie, squid game . They have to survive and win the game one by one like red light green light , honeycomb candy challenge , glass bridge , etc .

Similiar to other squid game fan games , roblox squid game or dani crab game . Only one of the survivors will win the entire game and get the prize all by themselves . Who will become that person and won in this squid game minecraft series ?

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  1. How did u get the "disgusting!!" Sound?

  2. This is amazing I can’t stop watching it it’s so funny

  3. Look at the doll how she looks like bro 🤣

  4. Cool,I'm in the video from Ghostblock Animations.

    I'm the rabbit.

  5. It's decent but you should join on the show like your character as herobrine so it get more fun

  6. Make monster school vs blockman go players

  7. ปราโมทย์ สุดเจริญ says:


  8. the only good monster school videos

  9. เอราวัณ สังเกต says:

    Skeleton key features year

  10. i recognize the danganronpa fong from the class trial

  11. yea is moster school y squin gamer is iron yea😃

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