Monster Tamer News: DIGIMON GAME COMES BACK FROM THE DEAD! Coromon Mobile Incoming, Monster Crown 2? -

Monster Tamer News: DIGIMON GAME COMES BACK FROM THE DEAD! Coromon Mobile Incoming, Monster Crown 2?

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Pretty solid week overall guys!

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  1. I wish playstation and Xbox can get more monster tamer games . 😢

  2. I'm thinking about giving Monster Crown a second chance, but can anyone confirm if it's as edgy as I remember? The atmosphere/worldbuilding felt a little janky and I remember the fusions having the same issue as Coromon

  3. Worried about the Monster Crown news. The DLC isn't out and I don't know if we got new news about it yet. So news about 2 is concerning.

  4. Yay Digimon ❤
    My favorite Monster Franchise ❤

  5. Is the coromon story update something I should start the game over to experience or is it something that takes place after the original story

  6. monster taming games – nay, LEGIT monster taming games- on mobile is the smartest thing to do. Nintendo is too protective to release an actual pokemon game on android and apple devices, this is one more avenue that monster taming games can get one over and expand the genre at the same time.

  7. Nothing that got me hyped at all, but at least the genre is breathing

  8. Yooooo! Excited for Monster Crown news, I sank a good couple of hours into that game and would love to see what comes next. ❤

  9. Mon con 2 , huh, why did jason didn't release mobile monster crown is disappointing, I won't expect much from this though.

  10. 4:06 in addition to this if you packed the final stardust Kickstarter you can get a free steam key for the card game cosmic nexus

  11. Happy for the Digimon fan game here’s hoping the devs don’t run into other major heck-ups

  12. Super excited for Coromon update and Aethermancer! Also, got my pre-order in for DQM a couple days ago. Definitely will keep an eye on Monster Crown 2. Honestly, excited for Pokemon dlc too. I was getting pretty bored of my current game library so I'm glad there's a lot to look forward to. Nothing can match my excitement for Super Mario RPG in less than 2 weeks though!

  13. Coromon mobile has been out for two days

  14. I'm excited for the Coromon-Update! Never finished the game on both Steam and Switch but I'm looking forward to replay it on at least one of them for the new Ending!
    I also wish, I could be excited for Monster Crown 2 but sadly, I never got to far into the first Game due to how janky the Game feels, especially on the Overworld

  15. Do u know a idea of price on mobile for corromon

  16. Monster Crown is really solid, but tey need more polish still!

  17. I love when Edd does his deep man voice at the beginning

  18. How would you buy coromon on mobile do

  19. ah dang, I was hoping for DW port or remaster confirmation

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