Monster Train Release Trailer -

Monster Train Release Trailer

Good Shepherd Entertainment
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Get ready to battle against the forces of Heaven to relight the fires of Hell in this strategic deckbuilding game.

Defend your 3 battlefields at the same time! This deckbuilding game has more then one plane to defend against waves of Guilded Wing forces. Position you own forces tactically and enjoy a much more complex approach to the genre classic gameplay.


  1. I really like this game, though the name threw me off at first. It's got so many options, and so many variations that it'll take a long time to get it all. Being able to speed up games quite a bit is a big plus, and the graphics are all seamlessly working. I've loved deck building games since Yugi-Oh, though a couple of the races aren't really my style, I'll still play them at some point. Only downside I've seen so far is some saved file issue that needed a reinstall…? Plus, I don't like being on the other team, no matter how trendy it's been for decades, so I wish there were an option for picking a side.

  2. Moog • 38 years ago Updated 1 month ago says:

    The game need more DLCs

  3. What an awful trailer. Moves way to fast for a CARD GAME. Get no sense on how it plays. Like whats the point of the 3 levels? Whats the "Twist"? Who the hell are any of those reviewers and why do their opinions matter?
    I love Slay the Spire, and might even like this game, but this trailer is just straight up BAD.

  4. No "box" quote from Rhapsody who was Super hot on the game before I saw anyone else even touch it. For Shame

  5. this would be perfect on the switch. Any plans on a release? I'd be waiting

  6. Looks sweet! Looking forward to checking it out

  7. my boy nl made to the trailer im so proud

  8. I played this at my friends place on their PC and we LOVED it. However, I'm a mac user so I can't play it. If you release a Mac Version, or even a Switch/PS4 version, I'll buy it day 1!!!

  9. more clans, more cards and more dlcs… and make a dlcs set in the prequel n let the winged people become one of the playable factions…

  10. Roguelike deck building with a twist? What is the twist?

  11. How could anyone understand anything from this crackhead-fast version of a trailer?! What a twist!

  12. Roguelike deckbuilding… I guess anything these days can be labeled a roguelike.
    "Coming next! Doom-like deckbuilding."

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